Just Random Thoughts on the OTAs


During the season of OTA’s, there is a lot of information that is worthless and a lot that is very telling.  Training camp is the same way.  For example:  A player has a good day in the OTA. What does that mean? It means they were healthy and awake that day.  Scott Starks had a good day. His knee is healthy.

Last year I photographed Scott Starks and showed how his ACL looked healed. He did look sharp and was playing very well.  Later he blew out his knee and we never saw him again. I am happy to hear he is healthy. Can he win a position in the starting lineup? We will find out. One good day in an OTA won’t tell us that.

Last year during training camp I noticed for some reason running up the middle was getting stopped. This was a surprise because in 2008 we had trouble. I noted in a blog that I didn’t think we would have any issues with stopping the run up the middle. We didn’t. Terrance Knighton was a big gap filling addition.

I noticed early in training camp that Derrick Harvey had trouble in pass rush. I also noted that Quentin Groves seemed awful light and couldn’t push anyone around. That was obvious to me.  The two seasons they put in validated that impression.

So you will hear a lot of stuff about players having good or bad days. It might mean something, it might not. My initial impressions are that Tyson Alualu is the real deal. He doesn’t get pushed around and he uses his balance and leverage to keep working his man to get free.  I think that will translate.

Mike Thomas looks like he is running routes even cleaner than I remember last year. I think he will improve. I saw Jarret Dillard show no effects from his broken ankle. I was impressed with Kynan Forney on the offensive line. I noticed that Don Carey can’t cover a receiver to save his life. Mel Tucker had a lot of words for him.  Don Carey filling in for Rashean Mathis is no real solution as far as I can tell.

What we know right now is that people are healthy and ready to play and that Jack Del Rio will not be running a vacation like camp. I see a serious resolve within the Jaguars.  All that means is no red flags right now and a lot of work to do before September.

– Terry O’Brien