Previewing the ’10 Jaguars – The Linebackers

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The weak-side LB position is open and most likely will be decided between Justin Durant and last year biggest surprise UDFA rookie Russell Allen. But I expect that Justin will win the job. He is in the same situation like Clint Ingram was ’09. He will be playing in his contract year. Last year; the expectation was very high for Clint but he didn’t exactly live up. The team extended then withdrew his tender offer and let him be an UFA. Justin had a mixed or disappointing season in 2009 but he has a very good excuse. Sadly,  he suffered a more and more common injury in today’s NFL: a concussion (Sean Condsidine; and Marcedes Lewis suffered that injury as well last year…). That limited him, he missed games and  he did not play at a high level after the injury as before he suffered it. So his job is on the line and as I mentioned he is in his contract year. His challenger rose from nowhere; Russell Allen. When Justin was injured, Russell started instead of him and played better then everyone expected. In fact he was so good that he has a legitim shot to be a starter this year. Keep your eye on him!