Previewing the ’10 Jaguars roster – The offensive line

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So what is the prediction for the offensive line?  I think you see Uche Nwaneri begin to be the Brad Meester replacement. I think you see Vince Manuwai move to right guard to help with the run blocking on that side. I think you see the emergence of Kynan Forney. This is my first option guess.

Option 1:                                                               

LT: Eugene Monroe                                           

 LG: Kynan Forney 

Center: Uche Nwaneri 

RG: Vince Manuwai 

RT: Eben Britton 

My second option guess is you see Jordon Black moved to right tackle and Eben move in to right guard. I think Eben would enjoy run blocking and Jordon Black may be healed and ready again.  I have less faith in this option, but will watch for it.

Option 2: 

LT: Eugene Monroe 

LG: Vince Manuwai 

Center: Uche Nwaneri 

RG: Eben Britton 

RT: Jordon Black 

Either way, Gene did not move on the offensive line despite a horrible performance from the group. I am guessing he thinks the talent will develop and is already in-house. Either way, ANDY HECK, CALLING ANDY HECK!!! Get you boys together Andy, this is critical this year.

How do you see it?

– Terry O’Brien