D’Anthony Smith – QBs in the AFC South are in trouble


I will write more about this draft in the near future, but make no mistake, the quarterbacks in our division are in trouble, very big trouble.

I now know what happened in Wayne Weavers review of the 2009 season. Gentle grandfatherly Mr Weaver stood up, his face got red as he glared at Jack. Jack sunk into chair. “14 sacks?”, the veins on his neck pulsating, “Get rid of Ted Monochino” he said never blinking never moving his laser gaze. Jack nodded meekly. He then turned to Gene Smith, his voice dropped to low rumbling whisper. “If I don’t see the quarterbacks in this division being carried off the field, they will carry you out of here”. He then turned and walked out. Jack and Gene wiped the sweat off their face and knew what they had to do. This weekend, Gene has his turn, next weekend  Jack’s 2010 begins with mini-camp.

D’Anthony Smith has the same qualities of Tyson Alualu, he is a defensive tackle who has good strong pass rush moves. In fact, he can move out to the end if needed. D’Anthony Smith is a small 6 ft 2 inch 300 lb tackle with a tremendous first punch off the line and closing speed. In the combine he did a 35 inch vertical, 9 feet in the broad jump and 30 reps of 225, a thumper index of 74.  That is a very strong upper and lower body. D’Anthony Smith has the same strength to make those one arm tackle that John Henderson does.  Ball carriers will be taken down hard and the if he breaks into the backfield, there will be unnecessary roughness calls. His fines will be be paid.

In this video, D’Anthony Smith is #5.  Watch him work the offensive linemen and take down the runners. Watch him beat the offensive linemen and go after the quarterback. Think about Indianapolis Colts rotting offensive line. Think about Houston’s wide open swinging guards. Watch this video and smile, I do, just watch…

It is clear that D’Anthony has somethings to learn like shedding blocks. It is also clear he plays hard, plays with intensity.  If Gene likes him, then it is because he can bring people down.  It is because he is a leader and knows what he is doing.

The quarterbacks in the AFC South are going down hard.  This sets up a very interesting opening day in the stadium. Tim Tebow at center, Tyson Alualu, D’Anthony Smith, Derrick Harvey, Aaron Kampman lined up and ready to tee off against him.  Tim better learn a quick release. The only question will be, will it be quick enough.

I am loving what is happening in this draft, absolutely loving it.

– Terry O’Brien