Draft Opinion up to the Jaguar Selection


Zoltan and I will be providing coverage of the draft and our opinions of each selection up to and including the Jaguars selection. Keep checking in as we provide our entirely worthless but sometimes irreverent thoughts, the tension will build!

St. Louis Rams select:     Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma.

Terry’s take: I think Sam Bradford has shown to be the full potential quarterback option. St. Louis had Cleveland breathing down their necks to get Sam, but they hung in there. I wouldn’t have faulted them for going elsewhere, but good choice.

Zoltan’s take:   I think St. Louis made a mistake. Suh was the best player of this draft. I think Bradford is even worse then Clausen. I think the Rams once again shoot themselves in the feet; like last year with Jason Smith

Detroit Lions select:     Ndamukong Suh  DT Nebraska

Terry’s take:   When you have the worst defense in the league and are giving up almost 400 yards a game, you have a high draft pick. When you have a high draft pick and the worst defense in the game, you draft a beast on the defensive line. No more explanation needed

Zoltan’s take:  Detroit picked BAP. Could be a true cornerstone pick; they made the right move. He should’ve gone 1st overall!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers selectGerald McCoy  DT Oklahoma

Terry’s take:  Tampa Bay can’t stop the run but are not a horrible team if they could. Gerald is a one gap player in a cover two defense. Hello Tampa Bay! Another pick falls right into place.

Zoltan’s take: He is a great talent; but some say he might be not near as good as Suh. We will see. Right now on this day; I say Tampa Bay made the right move!

Washington Redskins selectTrent Williams OT Oklahoma

Terry’s take:  Trent Williams was the guy I wanted most for the Jaguars. He throws pancake blocks. Against Florida in the BCS, he threw 18 pancake blocks. This is a big big man and the start of the HOGS returning to Washington. Incredible incredible selection, off the charts good.

Zoltan’s take:  Not Okung? It is Surprising. We will see if he or Okung will be better player in the NFL; I think it is a bit of gamble. By the way; many said Eric Berry could be the Redskins pick; in the Jaguars perspective this is a great pick!

Kansas City Chiefs select:   Eric Berry S Tennessee

Terry’s take:  Kansas City needed nose tackle or someone who can stop the bleeding in the backfield. They give up way too many 40+ yard plays, rushing yards and passing yards. They picked BAP on defense and were sold on Berry. I was too. Another good selection.

 Zoltan’s take:  That is a big blow for me as a Jags fan. I think Eric Berry is the second best player on this draft after Suh. Scott Pioli and the Chiefs got an extraordinery player.

Seattle Seahawks  select: Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State

Terry’s take:  Seattle needs serious help on the offensive line. They gave up too many sacks, had no running game to speak of and now have an opportunity to improve. They did not expect Russell to be there and this was a no brainer for them. This is a very very solid choice.

 Zoltan’s take:  Seattle needed to replace Walter Jones; now they get the maybe best OT of this draft. Pete Caroll’s era begins with a pretty nice 1st pick.

Cleveland Browns selectJoe Haden CB Florida

Terry’s take:  I think this validates that Calusen is not that well regarded. If Big Mike picks Haden over Clausen, that says a lot.  Haden is a very very good selection in the backfield.  I think there were better choices here and think they did need and almost BAP. Good marks for this, a strong strong player and good selection.

Zoltan’s take:  Mike Holmgren made the right call. Haden is the best CB of this draft. Very good pick. Another blow for Gene.

Oakland Raiders select: Rolando McClain LB Alabama

Terry’s take:  Another favorite Jaguar target is gone. This, as you all know, was our close to top selection. We think the world of Rolando McClain here at B&T.  What an excellent Al Davis selection. Great player and even better leader.

Zoltan’s take: That is a big blow for us; and a very intereting pick by Al Davis. He might turn out very good; but I think it is a bit of a reach

Buffalo Bills  select:     C.J. Spiller RB Clemson

Terry’s take:  No one picks better at RB than Buffalo. They need an Offensive Line badly, but they love RB’s in Buffalo.  This is a history with this team and a tradition and they will LOVE this guy.  I am excited for the folks in Buffalo.  Best pick? NO. Exciting pick? The best for exciting and lighting the place up. They are RB addicted in Buffalo and this is their guy. 

Zoltan’s take: Spiller over Clausen? Wow. I think they made a big mistake. I think Clausen or Bulaga will be Jaguars pick; but if Gene wants to trade down- with Clausen on the board he can do it!

Jacksonville Jaguars  select:   Tyson Alualu DT California

Terry’s take: HUH? My trust in Gene is shaken. This is a pick for late in the first round at best. I don’t get it, trade opportunities must have been there, better players are there. Defensive Line is not a mistake, but was this the best opportunity at #10? Jacksonville selects “what’s his name” at 10. Wonderful.

Zoltan’s take:  It is better the second coming of John Henderson; or Gene will look stupid. I’M IN SHOCK! I’M speechless

Zoltan and I can’t go on, we have too much research to do.  Gene and the staff can’t be this wrong, they can’t. What is the deal here? We have to dig into this.

– Terry O’Brien