Black and Teal Mock Draft 3.0


Without further ado, Black and Teal now releases the probably almost maybe final Mock Draft before Thursday. Trades may occur. Things may change, but right now, this is what we believe. Is it right? NO. Is it based in any real intelligence? NO. It is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy and have at it.  – Terry

PickTeamPlayer SelectedPlayer’s PositionPlayer’s SchoolAnalysis
1.Sam Bradford QuarterbackOklahoma Sam Bradford is the real deal. He holds a pro day and Marc Bolger is let go right after that. St. Louis really needs a QB and if you are going to spend this amount of money, spend it on a good QB. I think this pick will be made before the draft.
2.Ndamukong Suh Defensive TackleNebraska When you have the worst defense in the league and are giving up almost 400 yards a game, you have a high draft pick. When you have a high draft pick and the worst defense in the game, you draft a beast on the defensive line. No more explanation needed.
3.Gerald McCoyDefensive TackleOklahoma Tampa Bay can’t stop the run but are not a horrible team if they could. Rasheen Morris is in charge of the defense and will want this area addressed. Gerald is a one gap player in a cover two defense. Hello Tampa Bay!  Another pick falls right into place.
4.Russell OkungOffensive TackleOklahoma State The Redskins have a very good defense. It is their offense that is lacking. With Donovan McNabb on staff, what is the right thing to do? Well who got hit more than Matt Stafford? Jason Campbell.  With Donovan, use this pick to protect the QB.
5.Eric Berry
Safety Tennessee Kansas City needs a nose tackle. I think they also need someone who can stop the bleeding in the backfield. They give up way too many 40+ yard plays, rushing yards and passing yards.  Pick the BAP on defense.  I think it is Eric Berry. I think they will think so as well.
6.Brian BulagaOffensive TackleIowaSeattle needs serious help on the offensive line. They gave up too many sacks, had no running game to speak of and now have an opportunity to improve.  Brian Bulaga is not the strongest of the tackles, but he is the best trained. When you come from Iowa, you have the technique.  Brian Bulaga is an excellent choice.  I don’t see Seattle going any other direction.
7.Jimmy ClausenQuarterback Notre Dame  I didn’t really see this coming but should have. The Browns cleaned house at Quarterback. Big Mike loves the trainable QB. I hope Cleveland doesn’t go this way, but there it is, they take Jimmy Clausen.
8.  Tim Tebow QuarterbackFlorida OK hear me out. Chances of this are slim, I know. Oakland has talent on that team. Oakland lacks leadership. Oakland lacks the guy on the field who makes everyone play.  Guess who that is?  Besides if you want to save a team and a city, what better place than this?  Can Tim restore Oakland? I think he can.
9.  Trent Williams  Offensive Tackle  OklahomaI love the Bills so I gave all the QB’s away so they had no choice but to take the real beast of the offensive line.   Why get a QB when you don’t have a line? Buffalo makes that mistake a lot. Buffalo, please do it right ths year. 
10.Dan WilliamsDefensive TackleTennesseeI don’t know who they will pick, but if it is Dan Williams, it is a very solid first round pick. Dan Williams will be like Eugene Monroe, take some time to learn and then begin to provide real returns later in the season. I am excited about Dan Williams!
11.Golden TateWide ReceiverNotre Dame  To me, this is the only wide receiver in the draft that is valuable enough to take at the number 11 spot.  I think Denver will be more than fine with this selection. They will trade a headache away, get an impact player to fill in and have more draft choices.  Denver – Golden, how does that not fit?
12. Sean WeatherspoonOutside LinebackerMissouriI don’t know why, but this pick fits well for Miami. Sean Weatherspoon is the thumper of the draft and Bill likes the guys who hit. We see Miami every pre-season here in Jacksonville and the hitting has picked up a lot. Miami makes a great selection here. 
13.Joe Haden Cornerback Florida San Francisco doesn’t need Joe Haden but he is a great athlete and a solid choice.  They need offensive line help but so did everyone above them and it was too early for Mike Iupati.   
14. (DEN)C.J. SpillerRunning Back Clemson When your running back is Julius Jones and you get 600 yards from him and you drafted a good left tackle, take this guy! He can make it seem like a lot of problems are solved. C.J. Spiller is an exciting running back and one that will be happy in Seattle. 
15. Rolando McClainLinebacker Alabama Middle Linebacker – New York Giants. Match made in Heaven.  
Mike Iupati Offensive Guard Idaho   I am not big on a Mike Iupati pick and wonder if this is the right choice, but there is a need on the line and Mike will be hard to pass up. I just don’t like the bust potential.


PickTeamPlayer SelectedPlayer’s PositionPlayer’s SchoolAnalysis
17.Kyle Wilson CornerbackBoise St   When Kyle Wilson showed up at the combine, the eyes pop out of people’s head.  He improved his stock immensely and became a solid first round pick.  Whether he can play or not is yet to be seen, but Tennessee will take a calculated risk.  They may be richly rewarded.
18.Dez Bryant Wide Receiver Oklahoma StThe one team that stays true to BAP is the Steelers.  With Hines Ward aging and Santonio Holmes gone, seeing Dez Bryant on the board is too much to pass up. BAP meet need.
19.Carlos Dunlap Defensive EndFlorida Defensive ends don’t last this long in the draft, but it is happening this year. Carlos Dunlap is the most NFL ready defensive end in the draft. JPP and Derrick Morgan are supposed to be rated higher, I don’t see it. Carlos proves he gets the job done.
20.Earl Thomas Safety (maybe Cornerback ?)Texas Gary Kubiak hyperventilates and passes out when this selection is made. Upon waking they tell him it is true and he lapses into a coma with a smile on his face. The same affliction affects hundreds of Houston fans.  Someone in the backfield to defend passes?  Earl Thomas can play with the big boys at safety or corner back.  He will get plenty of experience playing the Colts twice a year.  If he even knocks down one pass, the Texans go to the playoffs.  
21. Jermaine GreshamTight End   OklahomaBAP or need? Both! Jermaine Gresham is a better blocker than people believe and a good pass catching TE. The Bengals get a need filled with a great solid player. 
22.Brian PriceDefensive TackleUCLABill Belichick and the Patriots always seem to steal a great player in the draft. Some believe Brian Price is the ultimate sleeper in this draft. A pass rushing run stopping defensive line guy. If Bill is right, this is the steal of the first round.
23.Derrick Morgan Defensive EndGeorgia Tech Derrick wasn’t supposed to fall this far. I think he deserves to and has a higher bust potential than Derrick Harvey. Good defensive ends rarely come out day one, they are developed. I don’t think Derrick is the best or is NFL reay.
24. Sergio Kindle Linebacker  Texas  The weakness of the Philadelphia Eagles team is their linebacking corp. I am sure about this pick.  I think Sergio should not be down this far but he will do well in Philadelphia, Maybe even star. 
25.Donovan Warren CornerbackMichiganRavens defensive back coach Mark Carrier is the godfather of Warren. Warren went to Carrier to see how he graded as a pro and somewhere along the lines he had heard enough to declare for the draft. Warren’s fluidity and hip movement has been compared to Darrelle Revis’ and we all know how Revis has fared in the NFL. This is an inside job here as long as Ozzie approves. If he does, Donavan will be ok here.
26.Jared OdrickDefensive TacklePenn StateThere is no real logic in this pick other than a big defensive tackle is hard to pass up. Every team should consider this position if a candidate is available. If Jared is available, he is a good pick. 
27.Bruce   Campbell Offensive Maryland  Campbell has a giant frame, but his lack of experience has allowed him to slip to the later part of round-one. Will he be in shape?  The Cowboy staff thinks so but will have to use all their skills to get this kid into shape. Overall a good pick.
28.Jahvid BestRunning Back California Jahvid Best is an amazing running back and everything depends on his returning from an injury.  He can run between the tackles, has great vision and can simply break a game wide open.  San Diego needs him and he needs a team that will have patience bringing him back to top level. In the Oregon game he was carried from the field almost paralyzed. If this injury doesn’t haunt him, San Diego gains a top ten talent.  God Speed Javon.
29.Jason Pierre-Paul  Defensive End  South Florida    OK, everyone has JPP at the top of the boards. He put up weak combine numbers and has maybe 6 college games starting. I never got the hype and I am not sure many GM’s around the league will bite. Let’s assume he does have this amazing talent, then can the Jets le him pass? No. 
30.Patrick Robinson  Cornerback    Florida StateCedric Griffen is their best CB and he has a torn ACL. Without anyone in the backfield, the Vikings are too vulnerable this year. Patrick Robinson is a very exciting player with tremendous quickness. I think this is a good fit. 
31.Charles BrownOffensive TackleUSCThe Colts need help on the line and Charles Brown is a quality athlete that needs good coaching. When you draft at the end of the round one, you expect to coach strong players up and Charles Brown qualifies. Good selection with patience.
32.Ricky SappDefensive End LinebackerClemson Ricky Sapp is a Jason Taylor type of player but without the work ethic.  If he dedicates himself to his craft, he is an amazing talent.  I am hoping that New Orleans can get him motivated. They need the help in this position. When you consider Paul Spicer for a spot on this team, you have reached low for talent. I hope Ricky works out here.