Black and Teals Trade Down Value Board


Let’s assume someone wants Jimmy Clausen real bad. I know, it is a far fetched assumption, but go with it for a minute. Anyway, the phone rings and the Jaguars GM gets to trade out of the number 10 spot for say the mid-twenties. What would the value board look like then?

Well, for starters, the guys in the lower twenties are not as polished as the top choices. They may excel, but something about them is keeping them out of the top ten. Value picking and good scouting plays a big part. Zoltan did his due diligence and provides the following recommendation to Gene Smith.

Recommendation #1: Brian Price DT UCLA.  There is no real reason for Brian Price to be passed by this far down in the draft. At 6 ft 2 300 lbs, he is known as a very good pass rusher. The knock on him is that he can be pushed around a bit by a strong offensive lineman. This means rushing holes can be opened up the middle. We don’t think this will be a problem for long as he learns to play in the NFL. Brian Price is an excellent choice in a trade down. He is a good choice at #10 as well.

Recommendation #2 Kyle Wilson; CB Boise State. The Jaguars are facing Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub twice a year. Every help at the secondery would be helpful. How about Kyle Wilson; the second best considered cornerback of this draft? The Jaguars reportedly shown intrest about him at his Pro Day. He was one of the stars of this year’s Senior Bowl; and not just at the game but all week! He is showcasing impressive physicality off the line in coverage while maintaining his balance and quickly closing on the football. He can punish the opponent team’s QB if he makes a mistake. He is a senior; who have potential at playing special teams as well. If we can’t have Joe Haden, Kyle Wilson is a very good option.

Reccomendation #3 Mike Iupati G Idaho.  No question, we love to build the offensive line with big men. If a guy 6 ft 6 330 lbs can make it late into the first round, you take him.  Mike Iupati can be a great run blocker and a good pass blocker. This is a very good combination and it is also a plus that Mike is very very strong.  I love this pick, and if we trade down, this would be my guy!

Recommendation #4 Golden Tate WR Notre Dame.  How much more exciting can you get than Golden Tate late in the first round? The guy has hands! He catches everything thrown his way and when he has the ball, the place holds its breath. I know the record of the Jaguars with first round receivers, but hey, Golden is different. This is a pure fun pick!

Recommendation #5 Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri. If there is a need in linebacker it is for an outside linebacker that can cover and blitz. Sean Weatherspoon qualifies in this regard. He can hit, no question about that. He can also contain the runner in his area. Sean Weatherspoonis not an exciting draft pick, but he is a real solid late first round choice.

Well, there you have it. If we are in the top ten, our value board is solid. If we trade down, we are in good shape with hopefully another 2nd or third round choice. I don’t see how we can lose in this draft!

– Zoltan Paksa, Terry O’Brien