Aaron Kampman is a Jaguar; still don’t rule out Plan A!


Sweet sweet morning in Jacksonville. Although Gene Smith is a GM with “draft first” mentality, yesterday he proved to the Jaguars fans that he isn’t shy to make (big) moves in free agency. And yesterday he got 2 players who I belive will contribute to the ‘2010 campaign in a big way! First he signed special team start and possible threat at WR  3 time Pro Bowler Kassim Osgood (who is very very happy to be a Jaguar according to his twitter page:http://twitter.com/kassimosgood.) Read his Jaguars related messages: I think he believes he will like it here! In fact I think he wants to prove San Diego he was used much less then he should have been. Free agent with great motivation! I love it! And in the same night he signed Aaron Kampman as well.

The money part of the contract are not clear yet but Michael C Wright reported that he received around the same kind of salary that new Lion acquisition Kyle Vanden Bosch got ( reportedly worth $26 million -including $10 million in the first year) in Detroit. Kampman has a torn ACL so his signing  has some risk in it, but he stated that he’ll be ready when training camp starts in the summer. Plus Jaguars Strength & Conditioning Coach Luke Richesson proved last year he can keep the “tealteam” in shape (I remember the Jaguars have very few injured player around the end of the ’09 season which I hope speaks good things about injuries!) And don’t forget Araron Kampman has 38(!!!) sacks between 2006-2008. And he had 3.5 sacks last year when he struggled with Green Bay’s new 3-4 defense. He would have been the sack leader with that number in Jacksonville still. And that was a bad year for him!

So overall; I’m very happy wih this move. And now the best part… The Jaguars can STILL bring back Reggie Hayward accordind to Michael C Wright; so the Jaguars can execute Plan A & B plus a new DE via draft:

"Hayward might also remain in the club’s plans. The Jags offered Hayward a one-year deal worth a little more than the veteran minimum $755,000 on Thursday, but the nine-year vet opted to explore his options in free agency. Hayward told the Times-Union on Saturday that he liked the organization and the fans, but added that the situation is more about “business” than anything else."

Plus this FA move brings time and patience to the position to Gene Smith who can wait for his ideal DE in any round in the draft (Since Gene and I know there is no #10 worthy). He does not need to hurry at all. He can pick say an Austen Lane or anyone else in the later rounds! And he can skip a DE draft in the 1st round too! (Which he should).  Now the Jaguars can go BAP without any fear. By the way Aaron Kampman who is a 2-time Pro Bowler was selected in Round 5. Like Elvis Dumervil and Jared Allen -the players with the 1st and 2nd most sacks in ’09. Pro bowl DE’s can and do often come in the middle rounds of the draft.

Now imagine Kampman, Reggie Hayward, Derrick Harvey, perhaps Quentin Groves and at least 1 possible new DE via draft under proven D-line coach Joe Cullen! I’m more then exited right now about that. That is rebuilding the team and the lines(at least the defensive line) in a great way!  Once again Gene is doing what owner Wayne Weaver (and the fans) demanding: from the “team of the mediocore”(not bad; but not great in the ‘2000s) on the way to become a constantly great team.

Zoltan Paksa

[Terry’s take:  A big thank you to Zoltan for all of this digging and tracking he has done.  I agree with him, Aaron Kampman is not an old broken down player. He is a question with the ACL tear which will not be ready by training camp nor will it be fully healed this year. It will be 2011 before he trusts his leg. It should be “good enough” this year and a “good enough” Aaron Kampman is better than what we have.  Don’t rush him Jack, let him heal!  The money to pay Aaron will come from Reggie Hayward. Reggie is a big time salary guy who will take a pay cut for his years of injuries. Not a problem, if he invested and saved his money, he will be fine.]