It is time to say goodbye


[Editor Note:  In this article Zoltan looks at the possible players we will say goodbye to this year.  Personally, I wish we could say goodbye to Jack Del Rio, but that will come someday. Zoltan tries to predict the future, let’s see if he is right.  – Terry]

Well; February 8th; 2010 is not just the day after Superbowl XLIV; but the first day GMs can cut players from the roster. I’m telling you; Jaguars GM Gene Smith (if he not looking at tape of some of the next generation of future Jaguar players) is already counting the hours to do that.

"Smith also has to make some personnel decisions in the near future, although he can’t start releasing players until next week.”(Florida Times Union January 30th 2010.)"

Well I made a list about players who can wait next Monday with a bit fear in their heart. Let’s see:

Tra Thomas: He is a classy person; a true legend; I didn’t heard a bad word about him. But he was mostly inactive in the second half of the season. And he is at best a backup for starting LT Eugene Monroe. I think he is too old enough; to have a shot here. The Jaguars are lucky to have him here; but I think we must start to say “goodbye” to Tra.

Chance he is leaving: 100% This is a free space on the Bingo card, it has already been announced informally.

Torry Holt: Terry already wrote an article about this future hall of famer. Looks like the Jags will loose a great motivator/WR assistant coach. He is thinking of the future as a TV commentator. He was a bit disappointed the Jaguars didn’t call his number in the whole season when they were near in the endzone. I hope there is a chance to him to stay; but I see another true champion will leave the River City…

Chance he is leaving: 100% Good luck Torry!

Clint Ingram: The most disappointment performance -other then an infamous someone; from who I will talk about later- is Clint. He was in his contract year (because of no CBA; he is a restricted free agent now); I expected a monster year from him, instead; he was worse then we expected. He is a good locker room person, but I want more from a player in his 4th year. He represents big value because he is young. I think he is the best candidate to trade for a good draft pick (2nd-4th rounder). Or can let him go-signing a big contract which can benefit the Jaguars in 2011. He is a big question mark for Gene and the player personal department I’m sure.

Chance he leaving: 50% Chance he leaving next week: 20%

Brad Meester: I’m a big fan of Brad. I would like to see him play for this team in his whole career. But he showed us that he was getting really “old” most of the games in 2009. Another adorable Jaguars icon caught by age. I would keep him until training camp at least to share his wisdom with the guy Gene bring to the position (most likely via the draft) and battle for his position. I hope he will last until the final roster cut. But maybe Gene Smith; who was not afraid doing the hard choices thinks otherwise.

Chance he leaving: 60% Chance he leaving next week: 40%

Quentin Groves: Very interesting situation. I think Gene Smith will want to give him one last shot during this off season before he decide either leave him to earn a place at the roster or cut or trade him when the final 53 names will be announced before the season starts.

Chance he leaving: 40% Chance he leaving next week: 10%

Reggie Hayward: One of the biggest question of the offseason is what will happen to Reggie. H e had a very serious injury (again) last year; and he is over 30. BUT he is right now the BEST PASSRUSHER of the Jaguars; also one of the leader of the defense! He is free agent now. What will Gene Smith do with him? I hope he will resign him for a 1 year deal at least! That’s what I would do. But what will Gene Smith plan with Hayward? That is a big question…

Chance he leaving: 40% Chance he leaving next week: 5%

Nate Hughes: If the Jaguars had not played yoyo with Kennard Cox all year in ’09, I would say Nate Hughes was the up and down man. He earned a roster spot, then he dropped 2 TDs against Arizona, and went to the practice squad. Than Jarrett Dillard was injured and Hughes got a second chance. He had a beautiful TD reception against the Texans but he dropped passes in the last 4 games. If Torry Holt really goes away and no WR will come via draft or free agency he had a shot. Otherwise I think he will go away/back to the practice squad when the season will start in September…

Chance he leaving: 55% Chance he leaving next week: 5%

Troy Williamson: He is the biggest mystery the Jaguars have. In the 2009 preseason he was the go-to-guy WR. Then the season started and Troy Williamson was the same non-factor player we saw since he ended up here (via trade for a 6h rounder-another “nice” 2008 offseason move…) He is young; and what we heard so far indicates that he will have a chance once again. I don’t know if he deserved that…We will see

Chance he leaving: 35% Chance he leaving next week: 1%

Reggie Nelson: I left the biggest one for last: “The worst player of the 1st round choice of Shack Harris era still with the Jaguars”. Well I know many want Reggie out of Jacksonville. Probably he will play elsewhere in 2010. Although Gene Smith said he wants to give a chance to the young players like Reggie, I think we saw the obvious. He is not the solution in the defensive backfield we can always count on. Maybe with better pass rush he would be better. But let’s face it, he has had no interception in 2009 and his almost tackles were often just cost us the game. I hope Gene can find a partner where he can trade Nelson for a pick or a player (Northcutt style); but is there any GM who will want Reggie as a player on his team? Let’s hope the answer is yes…

Chance he leaving: 75% Chance he leaving next week: 35%

I could name a couple more players (James Wyche; Kennard Cox; Bryan Smith and I have a few more names) or sleeper picks (John Henderson; Greg Jones; and yes; David Garrard) but this list is focusing on the impact players more then “jar on the shelfs”. Later we will find out I was right. And I’m sure Gene Smith plan to surprise us; about his plans of the current roster.

Zoltan Paksa