Torry Holt – Greatness has left the Jaguars


The 2009 Jaguars will be remembered as a team that fought hard and knocked on the door of the playoffs.  Is it because Jack Del Rio coached his butt off? Is it because Gene Smith made performance on the field a job requirement?  Maybe, just maybe, it was because the 2009 Jaguars were graced with the presence of greatness.  Maybe the presence of Torry Holt had more to do with it than we imagined.

I make no apologies for my steadfast belief that Torry Holt was the best thing to happen to the Jaguars following the 2008 season. He came in and set the tone for work ethic.  He publicly stated he would mentor the rookies to the bench.  Then he set out to make a team and show them how to play and how to love each other.

Torry Holt didn’t mentor the rookies to the bench, he mentored them in every minute he was around them. The new rookie recievers flocked to him. He spent time with them. When they did well, he was the first one to congratulate them.  It wasn’t only the rookie receivers he supported. I remember when Maurice Jones Drew scored a touchdown against Houston I think.  Torry didn’t congratulate MJD, he went out and congratulated Eugene Monroe for throwing the key block.  He rode on Eugene’s back in a celebration trip to the sidelines.  You could see Eugene smile from the upper decks.

Remember when Nate Hughes was cut for dropping a touchdown pass? Remember when he redeemed himself and snagged the long bomb from David?  Who ran out to him?  Torry Holt did.

Remember when Torry caught the long bomb against Miami?  Remember the celebration that ensued? The Jaguars received a delay of game penalty for celebrating too long.  I didn’t care.

Celebrate all night long, Torry deserved it.

During training camp I remember Derek Cox trying to cover Torry.  Derek followed him every step of the way until the final step. In a blink of an eye, Torry was gone. Derek never knew what happened.  Derek learned a lot from following Torry.

To me, the loss of Torry Holt means greatness has left the Jaguars.  We are back to relying on Maurice Jones Drew. No offense MJD, but Torry could add the magic like no one else.  When he was introduced, the ovation was loud.  He isn’t coming back.  The great one will not return as a Jaguar.  I am simply sad, very sad.

– Terry O’Brien