Fabio from Chile Reviews the Jaguar Roster Part I


[Editors Note: The web is a great avenue to share and exchange team information as many fans are spread across the globe.  I added that statement to our Mission Statement and little did I know how true it was.  With Zoltan reporting from Hungary, I then receive an email from Fabio Rios from Chile asking if he could post an article.  I’m floored and honored. Jaguar fans across the globe are finding us and joining in the discussion.  With that, let me present Fabio’s first American post with part II coming tomorrow]

Fabio: First I have to thank Terry for giving me this opportunity. One of my dreams during the past 15 years was to write something about the Jaguars, because here in Chile, as a journalist, I only report such sports as tennis and soccer.

Coach Jack del Rio said the past week that he isn’t thinking about free agency or the draft yet, because he must finish his own player’s evaluations. So that got me thinking about doing some evaluation myself.

So here we go with the Jaguars roster evaluation:


Defensive end: Well this isn’t much of a surprise. Boy, what a mess this position has been for the Jaguars in the last few years. What would the team do to have a prime Tony Brackens wearing teal again?

I happen to think that Derrick Harvey is a keeper. He’s a shy guy, but seems to be a hard worker and is a monster against the run. However, the bull-rush manoeuvre isn’t getting it done, so hopefully Joe “Wendy” Cullen will teach him a few more pass-rushing moves, if he signs a contract.

Outside Harvey I would take a look at Bryan Smith, who was the most decent patchwork defensive end the team suited this season. Jeremy Navarre, Chris Harrington, Julius Williams and Jeremy Mincey seem to be training camp fodder, and likely not keepers, while Reggie Hayward is a free agent. Quentin Groves could be looking for a job if he has a bad training camp.

This position needs fixing soon, and multiple veteran free agents additions (cough, Matt Roth, cough) could be options.

Defensive tackle: Let’s face it, the depth here it’s poor. And we don’t want to spend another season with Montavious Stanley and Attiyah Ellison as the top backups. They are nice guys to have in case of multiple injuries, but not as consistent rotation guys.

Rob Meier seems to be in his last legs, while Terrance Knighton was a home run pick by Gene Smith. John Henderson durability and age are troubling. The Jaguars need multiple additions here.

Safety: I think when Del Rio, Smith and the rest of the staff complete their evaluations, they will be happy with what they got here except for one guy (we know who it is). Gerald Alexander was a steal. The former Lion has great range and timing, plays physical and forces fumbles. His tackling could improve.

Anthony Smith was a stellar addition, while Sean Considine was solid. However, the Jaguars could add another ball hawking safety to replace that disappointing unnamed player. Brian Russell was a bust and was released quickly.

The cornerback position is pretty solid if Rashean Mathis and Scott Starks are healthy.

Linebackers: Daryl Smith is a keeper. His only weakness is his lack of playmaking ability, but he does pretty well all the things the coaching staff ask from him. Daryl is an amazing leader and GREAT tackler.

Justin Durant is solid, but a couple of notches below Daryl. He sometimes over-pursuits and takes bad angles, but not as bad as Clint Ingram, who’s a liability sometimes. Russell Allen was one of the great revelations late in the season and Brian Iwuh is a keeper on special teams.

This group needs a guy to compete with Allen for the last starting spot. Ingram is likely to be gone, so depth here is needed too.

Part II Tomorrow

– Fabio Rios