Consistancy and the Jaguars


Consistency. As defined by ” the condition of cohering or holding together and retaining form; solidity or firmness.”

Consistency. This word is not something one is accustomed to using when talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars, but right now this may be a word we should consider using. I think consistency is what we will soon talk about and appreciate.

As of right now there is one open spot on the Jags coaching staff roster and that is the Assistant Head Coach / Tight Ends coaching role formerly held by,  now Chicago Bears Offensive Line coach, Mike Tice. There is talk about Running Backs coach Kennedy Pola leaving for a possible Offensive Coordinator role. So, as of today, we may be looking at possibly two vacancies in the coaching staff. We don’t yet know what Joe Cullen’s role will be (hopefully not going for takeout) or if we will be replacing the TE coach position.  This is not a lot of turnover when your team finished just missing the playoffs and has the potential for a top-ten draft pick.

This past season we had five new additions to the coaching staff, including a Defensive Coordinator position. By contrast, the Indianapolis Colts have five new coaches since they won the Super Bowl 3 years ago. The Colts have established consistency. I believe the best way to be a constant contender for the Lombardi trophy is not just to draft well and have a great collection of talented players, but also to have consistency within your coaching staff ranks. If you are frequently changing coaches the way certain teams do (see Redskins, Washington) you are more likely to be drafting top ten rather than last twelve.

If you look at the top franchise of this past decade, the New England Patriots, you will see that while their decline occurred when Tom Brady aged and got injured, it was also the time everyone of the coaching staff ended up leaving for coaching jobs at Cleveland, Denver, and Notre Dame.

Mr. Weaver signed all of the coaching staff to extensions last year. I believe Mr. Weaver wants consistency because he understands it tends to breed winners. The Jaguars may not be Super Bowl contenders yet, but by becoming consistent in the coaching staff, they are placing themselves in a stronger position to become playoff contenders in 2010.

– Bryan Simek