The Joe Cullen affair.


Man, am I confused.  The Jaguars hired Joe Cullin whose defensive resume is second only to his rap sheet. What happened to ensuring the moral character of the team? I thought we were on a different journey?

It was written that Donnie Henderson was let go as the defensive secondary coach because someone didn’t like how he swore at players. It was not Jack’s decision but done higher up.  OK, I bought into that because we said we wanted good moral character.  So consider this from the Detroit Free Press:

"Cullen, a fiery coach who screamed so much during the preseason that he lost his voice, likely is Marinelli’s type of man on a football level.By Jim Schaefer and Nicholas J. Cotsonika, Detroit Free Press. 9/7/06."

Gerald Sensabaugh was not pursued as a Free Agent because he was carrying a loaded gun around in his car when he went home for a visit.  I don’t know if that was the real reason he wasn’t pursued, but it was the impression we all had.  So consider this from the same Detroit Free Press article:

"Cullen was arrested and charged with indecent and obscene conduct Aug. 24, the night before the Lions’ third exhibition at Oakland. A worker at a Dearborn fast-food drive-thru window saw him naked behind the wheel of his SUV and called the police, according to police reports."

This arrest coupled with multiple DUI’s make up this man’s personal life.

Joe Cullin supposedly sought treatment and received a strong endorsement from Roger Godell to Wayne Weaver that he has more than met all requirements placed upon him.  He has sought redemption through his actions.

Joe was let go, along with everyone else after the 0-16 2008 season with the Detroit Lions. While there, he did lift the Lions Defensive Line performance up a level. The sack totals were 2006 (30), 2007 (37) and 2008 (30). He supposedly knows how to get to the quarterback.

Here is what I think is going on.  45,000 people attend a home game doesn’t generate enough revenue to pay the expenses. Player salaries are not going down, at least not the good player salaries. The Jaguars must make cost adjustments to stay even close to solvent. Mike Tice was a very high paid assistant coach.  I am glad for him if this move is what he wanted. I don’t think Joe Cullin commands the salary of Mike Tice. I think the cost of coaching is being reduced.  In short, we are bargin hunting.

I remember when the Joe Cullin story broke and I thought “only in Detroit”. I do not want my Jaguars to become laughing stocks of the NFL.  Joe Cullin needs to remain sober and be a model citizen here in Jacksonville.  Joe Cullin needs to pitch in and help this team and this community.

I am all for redemption. I am all for giving him a chance.  I am not for a double standard on this team.  Players and coaches need to live up to the high moral standards bar that has been set. Joe Cullin needs to lead by example.

– Terry O’Brien