June 2009 NFL Power Rankings

1Pittsburgh Steelers
I can’t see any reason to remove the defending Super Bowl Champions from their perch, can you?
2New England Patriots
Brady is back and all of his offensive weapons are in tact (plus he now has Fred Taylor in the backfield). The questions is the aging defensive but if you can put up 30+ points a week how good does the defense need to be?
3Philadelphia EaglesThey have added Pro Bowl OT Jason Peters plus two potentially strong rookies in Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. Westbrook looks like he may be nearing the end of his career which could hurt but I see this team right back where it was last season, in the NFC Championship Game.
4New York GiantsDefense is still the strength of this team, even without Steve Spagnuolo. Will Hakeem Nicks be able to give them the deep threat they lost in Plaxico Burress.
5Arizona CardinalsSo it looks like Boldin will be coming back after all and if that holds true this team is dangerous. I don’t see them relinquishing the NFC West crown anytime soon.
6San Diego ChargersThe Chargers have been on the verge of the Super Bowl for the last few seasons. Can they finally get over the hump?
7Baltimore RavensDefense is the name of the Ravens game and with Ray Lewis back look for it to be just as dominate as ever. It should be interesting to see what Flaco does in his sophomore season.
8Tennessee TitansThey lost a lot when they lost Albert Haynesworth. Still, they have to be the favorites in the AFC South going into 2009.
9Indianapolis ColtsThe Colts have lost a lot in terms of coaches but they still have Peyton Manning and as long as they have Peyton Manning they will continue to be a contender.
10Atlanta FalconsI love what this team has become. Two seasons ago they were a joke of a team without a QB. Add a new coach and a great young QB in Matt Ryan and voila, perennial playoff contender. Oh yeah and adding the best TE of all time doesn’t hurt either.
11Chicago BearsHey Chicago, what happens when you add a Pro Bowl QB to a team with a pretty good defense? I think you will be pleasantly surprised when the answer comes.
12Minnesota VikingsSomeone, somewhere please give this team a decent QB. They could win a Super Bowl if they just had a QB. No, a 40 year old with a bad shoulder won’t do.
13Carolina PanthersIt’s hard to knock the Panthers down to far since they did win 12 games last season and they have 21 starters coming back for 2009 but my gut is telling me they won’t be back in playoffs in 2009.
14New Orleans SaintsThe Saints have such a great passing game that it is a shame they can’t put a decent defense together. Greg Williams wasn’t the answer in Jacksonville and he won’t be the answer in New Orleans.
15Miami DolphinsThe Dolphins will have a hard time following what they did in 2008. Being the division winner means they get to play all the fellow AFC division winners. Good luck.
16Washington RedskinsAs this is a Jaguars Blog, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to see what kind of impact Albert Haynesworth can have to a defense. Beware NFC East running games.
17Green Bay PackersThe Green Bay Packers could win six games next season or eleven, it is really dependent on how well the team takes to the new 3-4 scheme. Good thing they drafted a the huge DT BJ Raji.
18Houston TexansMaybe, just maybe, this will be the season that the Houston Texans will make the playoffs. Gary Kubiack better hope so.
19Dallas CowboysThe Dallas Cowboys manage to disappoint everyone season after season. So I will put them low in the hopes they surprise us.
20New York JetsI like Rex Ryan and I think that he will be build a great defense that this team can lean on for years to come. The question here is in the offense and in particular the passing game. When will Sanchez start and how well will he do?
21Seattle SeahwaksJim Mora gets a second shot at coaching in the NFL after Mike Holmgren decides to step down. If Hasselback is healthy and Aaron Curry turns out to be half the player I think he is, this team could be in store for a nice rebound.
22Jacksonville JaguarsThe Jaguars have lost a lot of the trouble players that have ruined team chemistry in previous seasons. They have also added some nice young talent in the draft.
23Buffalo BillsThere is no way that Terrell Owens time in Buffalo ends well.
24 Cincinnati BengalsThe Bengals are a hard team to read. Carson Palmer should be healthy this season but they lost his favorite target T.J. Houzmanzada. I really can’t see this team breaking the .500 mark.
25San Fransisco 49ersThe 49ers have a new coach and a new attitude. This is a team to watch out for in the coming seasons.
26Denver BroncosNot really a good thing for a first year coach to chase the star QB out of town. So who do you get to replace him? Kyle Orton? ….
27Tampa Bay BuccaneersSo the Bucs fell apart at the end of the season and the owners decided to blow the whole thing up. No more Gruden, no more Brooks. It will take some time for this team to find a new identity.
28Kansas CityThe Chiefs are rebuilding and will be better than they were last season, just not that much better.
29Cleveland BrownsThe Browns traded away the 5th pick in the draft and for what? Cast offs and forgettables. What are you doing Mangenius?
30Oakland RaidersThis franchise is a mess and drafting Darius Hayward Bey with the 7th pick is the latest in a long list of embarassments.
31St. Louis Rams
So long Tory Holt, Orlando Pace and any resemblance to the Super Bowl Champion Rams of yesteryear. This is a young and unproven team.
32Detroit Lions
Coming off an 0-16 performance, the Lions can’t get much worse than they were last year. Before they get to move out of the cellar they will need to win a game.