Thoughts on Fred Taylor


Yeah, no one wants to hear the thoughts of a sports blogger. Who cares what she thinks, right? Well, it is the off season and I can get away with it.

I was teaching my sixth graders today. We get the Florida Times Union for the class and I was giving them out to kids who finished their work. The front-page article was about Fred Taylor.

“I was ten years old when Fred Taylor started with the Jaguars,” I told them.

Then I realized they were babies when Fred Taylor started with the Jaguars.

Sixth grade students studying poetry were infants when Fred Taylor started with the Jaguars.

It is very odd to think that Fred Taylor won’t be running out with the rest of the team next season. I will be in the same seats that my parents have had since the start of the team. Not too much will have changed. Except that Fred Taylor will not be there. A season after his Pro Bowl appearance and Fred Taylor will not be with the team. And he won’t be retired.

I have heard the argument that the Jaguars are cheap for not letting Fred Taylor stay on for two million. I think that is a legitimate argument considering that he is probably the most well known player in team history. Wouldn’t you want him to retire a Jaguar?

Then there is another argument. There are a lot of big name, powerful teams that might need a man like Fred Taylor. Teams like the Colts, the Patriots or maybe even the Cardinals. If Fred Taylor could hitch his horse to a high powered team like that and make his way through the playoffs, he will better his chances at the Hall of Fame. As a fan of Freddy T and not just the Jaguars that would be something to behold.

There is no doubt in my mind that Fred Taylor has another year in him at least. Maurice Jones-Drew carrying some of the load extended Fred’s career. It would be very strange to see him in a Colts uniform (much like Leftwich in a Steelers uniform) but if it could get him more respect as a player I am all for it.

Whatever happens, I support him as a player. I don’t know why the Jaguars released him and I don’t know what will happen if Maurice Jones-Drew gets hurt. However, all I can do as a fan is hope for the best.