Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bangels Preview


You know, it occurred to me this morning that the Jacksonville area hardly ever gets a Bangels’ game. I bet they never get Jaguars games. However, my fellow fansided blogged over at Stripe Hype did an amazing job at covering all the bases. I feel silly trying to even replicate something close to what he has done.

He doesn’t seem very confident in their win. Hmm, I wonder why?

From Stripe Hype:

"Intangibles/Other:Injuries – No Palmer, Caldwell, Simpson out with Jackson gone to IR. Utecht, our high-priced TE, is unknown…good plan there.The Jags have key players Mathis and WR Williams probable.Stadium/Fans – Is it a home game? Expect the crowd to turn quick if this team mails it in early. Ugly times down on the river.Weather – Sunny, low 70’s’s, real nice day for a round of golf or bike ride.Historically – Jags have an 11-5 edge. Not nice.Relevant Stat – Going 0-9 means a achieving a feat only done one other time in Bengals history.Prognosis – 0-9 is penciled in my column. Jags 20 – Bengals 6. The Jags need a win to stay alive, while the Bengals loss means a chance at immortality."

I said last week that I sometimes wished that the Jaguars were just bad so I could root for the draft pick and feel lots of joy when they eventually won a game. I think David has convinced me otherwise. His spirit seems crushed. Sorry, David. Unfortunately for me I feel really uneasy about this game. As we were leaving the stadium, the people we sit with made jokes about the 1-8 Bangels. We may not be terrible but the Jags don’t instill a sort of confidence you want with your team.

Vic’s Ten Things

"1. Just make the putt—All of the great swings you make mean nothing unless the ball goes in the hole.2. Start fast—Winless teams are vulnerable to despair. Give them a reason to feel bad.3. Set a new goal—Yeah, it’s time to break from all of the offseason and preseason hype. It’s time to remove that rope from around their necks and start anew.4. Follow his lead—David Garrard is showing the way. Follow him.5. Play better defense—Yeah, that’s awfully generic, but it’s really come down to that. The Jaguars defense has fallen to 23rd in the league and any kind of improvement is welcome.6. Win the line of scrimmage—It’s at the heart of any team’s success.7. Accept the challenge—Chad “Don’t Call Me Johnson” Ocho Cinco has called out the Jaguars secondary. Respond.8. Make big plays—Look at what it did for Cleveland.9. Say hello to November—There’s an unmistakable sense of urgency in the air.10. Respect your opponent—The Bengals have played good teams tough this year. They are not a push-over."

Injury Report

This will be updated at game time to inform you guy who is actually on the field.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Walker (Out), Rashean Mathis (Probable), Reggie Nelson (Probable)

Cincinnati Bangels: Andre Caldwell (Out), Dexter Jackson (Out), Carson Palmer (Out), Jerome Simpson (Out), Rashad Jeanty (Questionable), Jonathan Fanene (Probable), Jamar Fletchher (Probable), Glenn Holt (Probable), Reggie Kelly (Probable), Reggie Kelly (Probable), Corey Mays (Probable), Nedu Ndukwe (Probable), Domata Peko (Probable), Domata Peko (Probable), Ben Utecht (Probable), Chad Johnson (Probable)

My god, Cincinnati.

The Prediction

I am not making one this week. I have been wrong every single week and I don’t want to put that curse on the Jags because the 1-8 Bangels would break my heart.