Who We Should Be Rooting For


The answer is simple to some: the Jaguars. Duh.

However, almost four days have passed since the Cleveland lost and my optimism has been refueled.


With optimism comes hope for the Wild Card spot!

There is no doubt about it. The Jags are behind when it comes to the Wild Card run and they are completely out of the race when it comes to the divisional win. Whispers about the Jaguars’ inability to close the deal have turned into shouts. Well, I am here to tell you that there is still hope. Somewhat ironically, this hope comes from a very negative part of my heart. It is the hope to watch the rest of the AFC sputter and fail miserably.

From here on out, Jaguar fans, you can’t have “my other AFC team”. I know it is tempting to latch onto the Bill’s story but they have the tie breaker. I know some of you midnight as Steeler fans when no one is looking but unless they will the division they also hold the tie break. You may really, really like Brett Favre. Well, tough. You can’t go to the Super Bowl unless you get into the playoffs so that silly stuff has to stop today.

Here are the current divisional leaders according to NFL.com:

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2)
AFC South: Tennessee Titans (7-0) 
AFC East: New England Patriots (5-2)
AFC West: Denver Broncos (4-3)

And the teams that are ranked higher than the Jaguars according to NFL.com:

Buffalo Bills (5-2)
Baltimore Ravens (4-3)
New York Jets (4-3)
Indianapolis Colts (3-4)
Miami Dolphins (3-4)
Cleveland Browns (3-4)

Basically, the only division that is locked up is the AFC South. The Bills obviously have the same record as the Patriots and the Jets are right behind them followed closely by the Dolphins. The Ravens are on the heels of the Steelers and the Browns are right after them.

Obviously, some loses would be better for us than others. The sooner the rest of the divisions decide a leader, the sooner it becomes apparent who is running for the wild card spot.

BlackandTeal Endorses rooting for:

The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos. We’ve already played them and two of them hold tie breakers over us.

BlackandTeal endorses rooting against

Every other team in the AFC, especially those in the AFC East because they have the biggest potential to send two teams to the playoffs.

You know, this has me thinking something else. Look how pathetic the AFC is this year. Oh well, more power to all ya’ll in the NFC.