Cleveland Browns At Jacksonville Jaguars Preview


The Browns and Jaguars don’t exactly have what you call a “history”. All that I really know about Cleveland itself is that it is one of the cheapest places in America to live. The only thing I really know about the Browns is that the sure do love their staph infections. In fact, when you google ‘staph infection’ (which I did to make sure I spelled it right) news stories about the Browns come up first.

But Jeanne! That isn’t the story we’re looking for! Every game needs a story! Okay. Both teams are playing for a wild card spot. There is your story.

Vic’s Ten Things

"1. Restart your engines—The Jags are coming off a bye week and teams have been known to lose their edge during their bye.2. Run the ball—Because that’s Jaguars football; that’s how this team wins.3. Stop the run—Because that’s Jaguars football; that’s how this team wins.4. Disguise coverages—Derek Anderson is struggling. He’s thrown six interceptions and has completed just 49.2 percent of his passes, and the popular theory is that he’s not seeing the field, the defenders or his receivers.5. Rush the passer—The Jags are 29th in the league in sacks per pass play. That must change.6. Be prepared—Cleveland runs a version of the “Wildcat” offense with Joshua Cribbs taking the direct snap. The Jags might also want to be prepared for Brady Quinn because coach Romeo Crennel might be close to giving Anderson the hook.7. Think Pittsburgh—The Browns are an AFC North team and they play AFC North-style football. This will be a physical game. Good!8. Focus on Edwards—Yeah, Braylon Edwards drops passes, but Edwards possesses big-time big-play ability. He’s a game-breaker and he’s deserving of extra attention.9. Block Shaun Rogers—The Browns defensive tackle is disruptive and plays with an attitude. If he has his way in the middle, he can make it a long day.10. Feel it in the air—It’s football season. It’s time to get real serious about what the Jags want this season to be."

Injury Report

Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Walker is out. John Henderson, Rob Meier and Tutan Reyes are all probable. However, it is most significant to note who is coming back. Reggie Nelson is back. Brad Meester is back. Chris Naeole may see time. Chad Nkang came off the PUP list. The Jaguars had a fortunate bye week when you consider the injuries they faced.

Cleveland Browns: Shaun Smith is out. Kellen Wislow is out. Shantee Orr and Ryan Tucker are doubtful. Mike Adams and Corey Williams are questionable and Steve Heiden are propable.

The Prediction

The Browns are 26th against the run. Yeah. The Jaguars are going to run down their throat and Fred Taylor is going to get his 11,000th yard today and the Jaguars are going to win. It may take them a few drives to gear up but they will win it.

Though, Browns fans, feel alright. My dad sent me this e-mail a little while ago:

"You missed every one of the ones you devoted some space to. Welcome to the NFL!Dadomatic (who lost $20 on Super Bowl III, biggest upset in NFL playoff history, when $20 meant 10 hours of working in an avocado grove… real money)."

As always, there will not be a liveblog this week because I will be at the game. Feel free to leave any feelings, however!