PSA: Duval County Early Voting Starts Today


Duval County (aka all of Jacksonville) opened up early voting today. That means that you don’t have to wait until November 4th to cast your vote! And, trust me, we here at highly recommend that you don’t wait. There are rumors that there will be a nearly 90% turnout for this election. That means long lines and long waits if you wait for that first Tuesday in November. In fact, even early voting has taken some time in states like North Carolina. Imagine what that would be like on election day!

I want you to vote. I don’t care who it is for as long as you do it. That is why I have gathered up all this information to post here, an idea that I stole from fellow my AFC South blog, TitanSized.

Duval County Early Voting

October 20 – November 2


Modays – Fridays: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Duval County Supervisor of Elections Main Office
105 East Monroe Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Duval County Supervisor of Elections Branch Office
5200-2 Norwood Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32208
(Gateway Mall)

Jacksonville Public Library: Bradham Brooks Northwest
1755 Edgewood Ave W
Jacksonville, Florida 32208

Jacksonville Public Library: Highlands Library
1826 Dunn Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Jacksonville Public Library: Argyle Branch
7973 Old Middleburg Rd S
Jacksonville, Florida 32222

Jacksonville Public Library: Murray Hill Branch
918 Edgewood Ave S
Jacksonville, Florida 32205

Jacksonville Public Library: Webb-Wesconnett Branch
6887 103rd Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Jacksonville Public Library: West Regional Branch
1425 Chaffee Road South
Jacksonville, Florida 32221

Jacksonville Public Library: Beaches Branch
600 3rd Street
Neptune Beach, Florida 32266

Jacksonville Public Library: Mandarin Branch
3330 Kori Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32255

Jacksonville Public Library: South Mandarin Branch
12125 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32223

Jacksonville Public Library: Pablo Creek Branch
13295 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Jacksonville Public Library: Regency Square Branch
9900 Regency Square Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32225

Jacksonville Public Library: Southeast Branch
10599 Deerwood Park Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

Jacksonville Public Library: University Park Branch
3435 Univ Blvd N
Jacksonville, Florida 32277

Local Elections

Congressional District 4
Ander Crenshaw (REPUBLICAN)
Jay McGovern (DEMOCRAT)

Congressional District 6
Clifford B. (Cliff) Stearns (REPUBLICAN)
Tim Cunha (DEMOCRAT)

Public Defender 4TH Judicial Circuit
Matthew (Matt) A. Shirk (REPUBLICAN)
Bill White (DEMOCRAT)

State Senator District 1
Anthony C. “Tony” Hill, Sr. (DEMOCRAT)

State Senator District 5
Stephen Wise (REPUBLICAN)
George Anthony Lovenguth (DEMOCRAT)

State Representative District 12
Janet H. Adkins (REPUBLICAN)
Damon C. Fernandez (Write in)
Robert Scott Ziefel (Write in)

State Representative District 14
Sarah Lovett (REPUBLICAN)
Mia Jones (DEMOCRAT)

State Representative District 17
Regina Young (DEMOCRAT)
John P. Rosso III (Write in)

State Representative District 18
Ronald “Doc” Renuart (REPUBLICAN)
Dave Smith (DEMOCRAT)
Daniel F. “Walshie” Walsh (NO PARTY AFFILIATION)

State Representative District 19
Mike Weinstein (REPUBLICAN)
Larry Jones (DEMOCRAT)

Clerk of the Circuit Court
John Winkler (DEMOCRAT)

County City Council District 10
Reggie Brown (DEMOCRAT)
Joe H. Clements II (REPUBLICAN)

County City Council At-Large, Group 2
John R. Crescimbeni (DEMOCRAT)

Supreme Court Justice
Charles T. Wells

District Court of Appeal District 1
Robert T. Benton
Marguerite H. Davis
Joseph Lewis, Jr.
Ricky L. Polston
Clay Roberts
William A. Van Nortwick, Jr.

School Board, District 1
Stan Jordan
Ken Manuel

School Board, District 3
Jack Daniels
W. C. Gentry

Soil and Water Conservation Board Group 2
Jeff Hunt
Jonathan McGowan

Soil and Water Conservation Board Group 3
Calvin “Cal” Lee
Derek R. Washington
Victor L. Wilhelm, Jr.

Soil and Water Conservation Board Group 4
Stephen Covington
Katrina L. Finley
Jason M. Fischer
James Joseph Morton

Neptune Beach Council Seat One – Mayor
Harriet Pruette
Scott Wiley

Neptune Beach Council Seat Two
Terri Hunnewell
Eric Pardee

Neptune Beach Council Seat Three
Sybil Ansbacher
Kara Wade Tucker will not endorse a presidental canidate but I do highly recommend voting for Bill White for Public Defender. He is full of awesome. No. Really. Vote Bill White for Public Defender.