Steelers Blogger Has No Idea What Is Coming Sunday Night


I normally don’t do smack talk. I don’t like looking silly when the Jaguars inevitably look like I was talking straight out of my butt. It never seems to fail that if I start talking trash, the Jaguars start performing like trash. I may be doing myself a disservice here but I just can’t help myself. I am going to put my LandryHat on and get to some trash talkin’. 

Nice Pick, Cowher, Fan-Sided’s Steeler blog, does long, drawn out analysis of the upcoming Steeler games. That’s cool.  However, it appears that the reason they are so long is because he doesn’t actually want you to read them. He must assume you’ll be discouraged by the length of the post so you won’t read how ill informed he is about the Steelers’ opposing team of the week. 

Let’s start off with the most obvious thing. Judging by the title of his most recent post, Week 5 Preview: Steelers vs. Jagoffs, you can really tell that he is going to give an awesome, unbiased analysis of the upcoming week. Jagoffs? Really? I mean. Really. What are we? Six? Gimme a break. 

He opens up whining about the ref calls during the playoff game the Jaguars and Steelers played last year. He doesn’t just whine about it, he outright calls the Jaguars “cheaters”.

"This wasn’t really surprising since Jacksonville only managed to beat a badly banged-up Steeler team through the help of some of the most atrocious refereeing in playoff history.   The league’s Director of Officials even apologized afterwards, acknowledging the Jaguars horrific cheating led to their undeserving victory."

Excuse me? Cheaters? Every team gets bad calls. I remember a certain Hines Ward tearing off the helmet of a Jaguars player and the Jaguars getting the call for pass interference near the goal line. You know what the Jaguars did in response? They won the game. And some of the most atrocious refereeing in playoff history? I think I can safely speak on behalf of the Raiders nation by asking you to kindly shut your trap.  Want to talk about some horrible calling? I would start at the Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl.

Then he goes on to make this huge gaffe:

"Unfortunately, this season has seen Jacksonville stumble out of the gate with a 2-2 record.  A combination of a mediocre receiving corp and D-coordinators learning how to game plan Garrard has led to new challenges on offense.  Plus, they still can’t manage to get by the Indianapolis Colts."

Hmm yes please remind me about that game where we didn’t get by the Indianapolis Colts this year? Oh wait. You can’t. Because it didn’t happen. The Jaguars went into Indy and won the game.

It also isn’t so much of defenses learning Garrard, it is defenses stacking the box against a second string offensive line. You would think that a Steelers fan would understand what a banged up offensive line can do to a team. The game plan isn’t too hard to figure out. The Jaguars are starting guys from off the street. Garrard doesn’t have time to throw and the run game hasn’t been able to be established. The reason we have won any games is because Garrard is cool under pressure.

But Chris doesn’t seem to understand this:

"The biggest knock on Garrard has been his conservative nature.  They clearly tried to protect him and turn him into a “game manager” last year.  Not that being conservative is necessarily a bad thing but it doesn’t lead to a lot of passing touchdowns, although it also doesn’t lead to too many turnovers.  Still, he averaged a lousy 27 passing attempts a game last year and in the QB driven NFL, that isn’t going to cut it.  He only had 3 picks last season and already has 4 this year which is a sign both that they’re trying to open up the offense and that he’s not ready to be put into a position to win games with his arm."

You know what seemed to work last season as opposed to the seasons before? Having a different quarterback. Only people who are too into fantasy complain that a quarterback doesn’t get enough passing touchdowns. Plus, obviously Chris doesn’t know this because he didn’t do his research, Reggie Williams broke a touchdown record last year. You know who was throwing him those touchdowns? David. Garrard. If you want to go after his passing attempts, go after the coaches doing the play calling. Or better yet, go after the teams (like the Steelers) who couldn’t stop the run. Why pass when the run is working so well? Obviously what the Jaguars did last year worked because they made it to the playoffs in one of the toughest divisions of the NFL.

There is more. He goes after Jerry Porter for “crying about some boo-boos”. You know how I would be if I had surgery on my hamstring? I would probably be content watching reruns of Project Runway all day and not doing anything because hamstring surgery is a big deal. He also goes after Matt Jones for not making the transition well to wide receiver. Well, if you had asked me last year I would have agreed. However, Matt Jones is the go to receiver of the Jaguars this season and he has made critical first downs and even a touchdown in last week’s win over the Texans. Again, Chris is showing his underestimation of the Jaguars by not taking into account the team they are this year. Why look at this season when you can cry about last season?

The Jaguars are welcoming the Steel City to the Teal City Sunday night. And you better believe that the Jaguars are going to play the Steelers rough and hard.  I look forward to being able to say “I told you so”.