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AFC South Breakdown: Week 4


(Jeanne Alexis writes for Black & Teal, which is FSB’s Jacksonville Jaguars blog. Representing the rest of the AFC South are Naptown’s FinestTitan Sized and Toro Times.)

This week featured exciting match ups for the AFC South. While the Colts were away, the Titans faced one of their toughest challengers yet and the Jaguars took on the Texans in Jacksonville. While the top of the division did not change hands this weekend, the Jaguars didn’t lose traction in their pursuit of the Titans. However, the Titans didn’t give them a chance to catch up.

The undefeated Titans. Man, does that feel weird to say.

Houston Texans (0-3):

Looking back: Look at me. I go after Matt Schuab for not being that great and he plays the game of his life against the Jaguars. My feelings on the Texans have shifted significantly after watching them play live. Was it the Jaguars defense that made them look good? Possibly. However, Schuab threw some great passes and lead his team down the field easily when it mattered most. All the Texans needed to do was win a coin toss and they would have won that game.

Looking forward: Are the Texans just really bad like their record suggests? Or have they just played some tough teams? I lean toward the latter. Though the Jaguars and Steelers have not proved to be as tough to beat as the Titans, the Texans have had a tough road. This is not their season. It would be an uphill battle for anyone who had their bye week in week two. They haven’t even played a home game yet. However, there is hope for this team. I think they can still pull it together so they don’t look like the Rams of the AFC South. You have to have realistic expectations, please.

Indianapolis Colts (1-2):

Looking back: The Colts had a bye week this week. Hopefully they took the time to bring in some witch doctors to lift the curse of their new stadium.

Looking forward: The Colts are taking on a disheartened group of Texans football players in Houston. Part of me is hoping for the upset, the other part thinks their will be one and there is no need to hope. Do the Colts have some one to stop Mario Williams? The Jaguars did in Khalif Barnes and that was a big reason the Jaguars did so well. Can the Colts stop the pass? They certainly can’t stop the run. This game will probably be a lot closer than anyone is expecting, especially if Mario Williams gets to know Peyton Manning. No one should count the Texans out here.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2):

Looking back: Being a Jaguar fan this season is taking years off of my life. Every single game the Jaguars have played except for one preseason game has come down to the last play. Can the defense stop them? Can the offense get the much needed points? The Titans and the Bills stopped the final drives but the Texans and the Colts were not so fortunate. Why are the Jags keeping it close? Every game has a different reason. This week the Jaguars sorely missed Rashean Mathis and Reggie Nelson on the defense. However, Garrard is returning to last year’s performance and he seems to thrive on high pressure situations. It helps that ice water flows through the veins of Josh Scobee.

Looking forward: If Leftwich had been at the helm during this game the Jaguars would have lost it ten times over. The Jaguars have a future in David Garrard. With Jerry Porter stepping onto the field to play and Brad Meester expected to be back soon, things will set into place for them. The Jags are a team that takes a while to warm up but once they get going they are gone. Next week is one of the most exciting match ups all year: The Pittsburgh Steelers. Fans and players alike live for this kind of game. Hard hitting, grinding football. Screw your offensive shoot outs. This is real football. And it is in prime time.

Tennessee Titans (4-0):

Looking back: I guess I have to admit it. As much as it pains me to say it, the Titans are looking good. Ugh. God. I am going to have to go to football confessionals to admit my sins now. Admitting that your rival is good? I feel so dirty. That still doesn’t mean I can’t shake my head violently when I hear sports announcers declaring Jeff Fisher a genius. That man is a big poopy head with a gross moustache. There. I feel better.

In all seriousness, the Titans are looking good. I thought that the Vikings would give them a run for their money but it looks like they didn’t even break a sweat. They have a rightful claim on the AFC South. It is still a little hard to get my mind around.

Looking forward:  Next week the Titans take on the Ravens. The Ravens defense looks for real. The Titans defense is definitely for real. It is going to be a good football weekend with the Titans/Ravens game early and the Steelers/Jaguars late. AFC North and South facing off. The outcomes of both games could affect the standings in both divisions (more on the North, obviously). God, I can’t wait.