Josh Scobee Squeaks Out Another Win


Yesterday, thousands in Jacksonville made the trek to The Jack with meat begging to be grilled and water. Lots and lots of  water. Though the heat was not as oppressive as it was two weeks previously when the Jaguars played the Bills, the heat was still pushing close to 100 on the field. However, this wasn’t some wimpy, heat exhausted yankee team. The Houston Texans are accustomed to the heat. That doesn’t mean they enjoyed it anymore, though.

Houston won the coin toss and selected to receive. The Jaguars defense stopped them and they kicked off to Brian Witherspoon who tried his best Devin Hester impersonation. He didn’t get the break but the Jaguars still started off on their own 41. The Jaguars started a lame attempt down the field and found themselves in a fourth and five situation. The Adam Podlesh lined up as a wide out. Montel Owens took a direct snap and tore the bewildered Texans defense a new one. Touchdown Jaguars! Why didn’t the Texans take a time out when they saw that the punting team was not out there in a proper formation? I mean, really. The punter was playing tight end. The Jaguars always go for it on fourth down. What were they thinking? Can’t exactly complain, though. It made the Jaguars look good and gave a happy atmosphere to the stadium.

Unfortunately, the happy feelings soon faded in The Jack. On their next drive, Reggie Williams was called for a crappy pass interference call. Maybe it looked different on TV but live it looked like either the Texan guy messed with Reggie OR if you wanted to really, really push it they both were on each other and it shouldn’t have been called at all. It was for a long throw and the plenty pretty much killed the drive. Then the Texans got the ball back and drove down the field for a field goal. 7 – 3 Jaguars. On that drive, Rashean Mathis went out with a bruised shin and never came back. With Reggie Nelson already out, Rashean was really missed. The play of the defense dramatically shifted to being able to stop the Texans to allowing touchdowns. The Jaguars did nothing with their next drive but again the Texans drove down the field and instead of settling for the field goal, they were able to very convincingly get a touchdown. 10 – 7 Texans. The Jaguars tied it up with a field goal before the half. 10-10.

Fans in the stands were disappointed with a crappy performance. Hopes had gotten high with the weird Montel Owens touchdown. I kept saying to myself, “they can’t come out here and not score.” The momentum was too important. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. The Jaguars had a beautiful drive down the field, not only running the ball but passing it as well. I would go so far to say that it was one of the Jaguars best drives so far. Quick passes, a burst from Maurice Jones-Drew and a touchdown pass by Matt Jones. 17-10 Jaguars.

It was time to see if the Jaguars defense had righted itself after the loss of Reggie Nelson and Rashean Mathis. The Texans drove down lobbing the ball left and right, not even bothering to run it. They went in straight for a touchdown, delighting Schaub fantasy owners everywhere. 17-17. Obviously, Reggie and Rashean were sorely missed.

Some things I haven’t mentioned so far: Mario Williams was stopped by Khalif Barnes for most of the game. In fact, he was completely shut down and it gave Garrard enough time to throw. Also, Mercedes Lewis had the chance at three balls and dropped everyone of them. Some of them were critical. He dropped two on the next drive the Jaguars had, including a third down. Scobee kicked it for another field goal. 20-17 Jaguars.

It was nearing the end of the game. Defense were getting tired. The Jaguars backups were missing tackles left and right and the Texans kept trying Gerald Sensabaugh and kept getting rewarded for it. The Jags just weren’t able to stop them from driving down the field. The Texans scored another touchdown with 7 minutes left in the game. 24-20 Texans.

This is the time that Garrard shines. He is the reason the Jaguars won this game. The Jaguars drove down the field, eating up the clock. Garrard to Mike Walker. A dropped ball by Angulo. A bad throw. Fourth and eight and the Jaguars had to go for it. Everyone is holding their breath as Garrard scrambles up the field for the first down. First and goal at the nine. The Jaguars need a touchdown in order to hold on. Another quarterback scramble. Two minute warning. The quarterback draw has worked twice already this drive, why not try it again? They do and it is touchdown David Garrard! Jaguars up 27-24. Can the defense hold on?

The short answer: sort of. The special teams stop the Texans on their own 18 with 1:43 seconds to play. A screen play gains 12 years. A pass to Daniels gets the Texans to the 47 yard line. Then Johnson to the Jags 32. They give their kicker a 46-yarder and it is messy but good.

It was time for overtime. Fans lemented at the randomness of the coin toss, how one is unable to be good at a coin toss. Thankfully, the Jaguars got the ball. Garrard and the rest of the offense really started to shine. Garrard to Matt Jones for yet another first down. Too bad first downs conversions don’t count in fantasy, eh? Garrard to Greg Jones. Greg Jones is a beast and makes anyone who tries to touch him regret it. He gets it down to the 19 yard line as Scobee lines up for a kick.

Scobee kicked an amazing game winning field goal in the game against the Colts. However, that was inside. He missed that chip shot in Titans with no pressure. This is the game on the line. Does ice run through his veins? He lines up for the kick. Two time outs are called, one by each team. Scobee lines up for the kick.

It is through the air.

And it is good.

The Jaguars defeat the Houston Texans in overtime. Another divisional foe defeated, giving the Jaguars a 2-1 divisional record and a 2-2 over all record.

Thank. Goodness.