Jaguars Defeat Colts In Last Minute Nail Biter


It is 2008 and both the Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars are earning back their old nickname: cardiac cats. The Jaguars lost their first two games in the last seconds. Some will argue that they had lost the game long before that but with the Jaguars driving down the field with the last seconds ticking away, there was a chance for a score and therefore a win. This week fans were facing the same excruciating circumstance as Josh Scobee lined up to kick a 51 yarder.

The Colts were not very welcoming of the Jaguars in any sense. was not allowed to bring their own cameras to create features for the website. The dome roof was closed with a 10% chance of rain (presumably to make the crowd noise more oppressive). I think it was Cole Pepper who told the story that if his camera guy pointed anywhere except for at the Jaguars’ sideline that he would get arrested. Anything that could be done to make the Jaguars’ visit more uncomfortable was done.

The Colts came out quick and scored fast. On the Jaguars’ first play, Garrard was sacked. Things did not look good for the beaten up Jaguars and it ended three and out. The Colts started another dominating drive with Joseph Addai leading the way. It looked like they were going to own the game. The defence was non-existent. The offence didn’t do a thing. Then Darryl Smith sacked Peyton Manning who went on to throw short of the first down. The Jaguars got it back on their own 16.

That is when the run game started to rumble. The Jaguars ran three times, got the first down. Then they ran some more. Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor started to make swiss cheese of the Colt’s defence. They broke out so many runs. Unfortunately, they couldn’t quite seal the deal and had to settle for a Scobee field goal.

Thankfully, the Colts ended up with another three and out. Manning was getting flustered. The Jaguars were getting hits on Manning. The Jaguars continued to run. There wasn’t a completed pass until well into the third quarter for the Jaguars. Why throw it when the run game was working so well? However, the Jaguars decided to go for it on a 4th and 1 (that was more like a 4th and 2) and they missed it. Why didn’t they go for the field goal? Who knows? Who cares? In the next few play Manning threw an interception to Rashean Mathis who thanked him by getting a touchdown.

The Colts got another touchdown through a long drive and a final rush by Addai. It ended the first half.

That is when the Jaguars we all know and love came in. They ran the ball and took their sweet time doing it. Then Garrard threw an interception. Then Manning threw an interception and then drive started back up again and continued eating up the clock. They didn’t score but on the next possession the Colts went three and out. The Jags got in back on their own 14. Then they started the mother of all drives and ended with a touchdown. It was the longest drive in team history. 12:18. 18 plays. The Jaguars were up six points with a little over two minutes on the clock and that alone gave Manning the opportunity for one of his historical two minute drives. And boy, drive he did. The Colts scored a touchdown with 1:07 left on the clock.

This was a situation that Jaguar fans had become familiar with. There was a minute on the clock and the Jaguars were about to drive down the field. In the two previous games, the win didn’t come. Jaguar fans everywhere started to feel that sinking depression of the loss setting in. As the Jaguars ate up the clock for a stupid play, it felt finalized. We lost against the Colts and the season went with it:

"7:00Jeanne:  I am getting upset. Too much time. 7:00Jeanne:  THESE ARE THE WRONG CALLS7:00David:  omg7:00CBSsux:  again the same….wow wtf7:00Jay:  WRS can’t get open7:00David:  i dont feel well7:00Baldwin:  it looks so easy for the colts7:00Jay:  i feel sick7:01AustinForJax:  im depressed right now"

The Jaguars set up for a Josh Scobee field goal attempt. It doesn’t take an elephant to remember Scobee’s missed chip shot against the Titans. 51 yards.

The kick was up.  My heart was beating. The kick kept going. My hands were shaking. The kick kept going. And going. And going. And gone. Straight through the uprights. It didn’t hit me as Garrard run out onto the field. Scobee chased after that ball like a puppy.

The Jaguars won it.

And with it, kept their season alive for at least one more week.