Jaguars Down To 53 With Roster Cuts That Pack No Surprises


The following players were cut:

QB Todd Bouman
RB Ciatrick Fason
LB Tony Gilbert
DT Jesse Mahelona
DE Kenny Pettway
DE Bo Schobel
DB Trae Williams
TE Chris Brown
DE Mkristo Bruce
OT Andrew Carnahan
TE Charles Davis
CB Isaiah Gardner
CB Michael Grant
WR Ryan Hoag
G/OT Pete McMahon
C/G Drew Miller
CB Rashod Moulton
LB Lamar Myles
WR D’Juan Woods

There were grumbles over if the Jaguars would keep Todd Bouman as the third string quarterback after his strong performance in the preseason. Obviously, Jack and company thought Cleo Lemon performed well enough behind the first string offensive line.

Both D’Juan Woods and Ryan Hoag were competing with Troy Williamson for that final wide receiver spot. Willaimson didn’t really get much of a chance to play in preseason due to nagging, unknown injury but he performed amazingly well in the final game against the Redskins. Williamson’s touchdown pass sealed his spot on the roster. Too bad. I was hoping for Hoag to get the spot so I could get the rest of the Jaguar world to call him “Bachelorette” (coined after ther reality tv show he was in).

I am glad Thomas Williams made the team. I have been following him closely because he has a blog on yardbarker:

"When I got drafted by Jacksonville I went in as realistic as possible. I knew that you aren’t guaranteed anything and that you never know when it’s going to be over. That’s why I focused on enjoying every moment: the games, the practices, taking plane trips, walking through airports, getting the veterans food, everything. I was going to prepare and play as hard as I could and just see what happens. I prayed before our last preseason game at Washington. I went out there and for 60 minutes I was going to leave everything out there. After the game I had no regrets. We had the day off yesterday, and then a team meeting, and Coach told us that if you’re not a starter to keep your phones on and stay in Jacksonville. A few guys had already been released but they had more cuts to make to get to the limit. I called one of the guys in the front office today, right before the USC game started to find out what time the cuts were going to be made. He told me congratulations Thomas, you’ve made it. The cuts have already been made. I immediately called my mom and told her. I knew she was waiting. She called this morning to say hi. She was really happy and that lifted a weight off of her shoulders. I called my dad and he was excited. I got text messages from a bunch of my friends because they had been following it too. I must say, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. It was a goal and I’m thrilled, but it hasn’t fully hit me. I’m sure after watching the Trojans today with my friends it will start to hit me. I am officially a Jacksonville Jaguar!"

Brian Witherspoon, an undrafted free agent, also made the team. He is going to be our return man because he is crazy fast. It is always good to see an undrafted guy make the team. It is those stories that make preseason worth it.