Jaguar Veterans Comment On Harvey Holdout


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With the shock of the preseason loss to the Dolphins fully dispersed in the fan psyche, the number one story in Jaguar news is back to Derrick Harvey‘s holdout. God, how I wish it wasn’t the number one story.  I dream of typing the headline “Harvey Holdout Over — Derrick Harvey Signed For More Than The Jaguars Wanted But Less Than What He Wanted”. I feel like I could teach a college level course on this stuff now. “Sports 3214 — The Wonders of Compromise and Negotiation.” I’m not entirely sure it if it would be a business or drama class – eeesh.

Anyway, negotiations are so close fans can taste it. Posters on the message boards have been predicting a Harvey settlement since preseason games began. They have gotten to the point of anger. For instance, this comment by forum poster DUVALJAX:

"Just sign already you greedy . big headed d bag. You got drafted by a good team right by where you went to college and still got offered millons of dollars to play football! be thankful for it and not sit out all camp because you as* wants more. you havent proved shi*. You need a reality check. Sign the dotted line we wasted are whole draft to get YOU, be blessed you can be in the nfl.GO JAGSSSSSCREW HARVEY"

Ahhh, NFL fans. I didn’t even have to go further than the first page of the message board to find that. I knew there would be one.

However, it is not just fans dispensing advice. Paul Spicer and Rashean Mathis have entered their two cents as well:

"“From what I heard, they’re a million away,” Spicer said, referring to media reports. “If you’re a million away, the only guy who benefits is the agent.“Take that,” Spicer advised Harvey. “Tell your agent I’m tired of sitting at home. It’s time to put the toys away, be a man and get down to business.”“He’s got to take care of home,” Mathis said. “We’re here waiting on him.”"

I think the most encouraging thing is that they are a million away from settling on a deal and that the veterans are telling him to get his butt in gear. A win in Tampa and Harvey being signed would definitely put an extra kick into this fan’s step.