Jaguars Offer New Ticket Packages


So. You’re a Jaguar fan. An honest die hard who has never been a season ticket holder. It doesn’t matter what your excuse is. Maybe you don’t live in town. Maybe you just can’t afford all that other things that come along with going to an NFL game (parking, refreshments, merchandise). Maybe you’re a poor college student who spends all their left over money on stockpiling ramen noodles. That is okay. The Jaguars understand. They get their market. That is why they are offering awesome new ticket packages that allow you to see some of the most awesome games of the season.

The Teal Package:

Sat., August 16vs. Miami7:30 P.M.
Sun., September 28vs. Houston1:00 P.M.
Sun., October 26vs. Cleveland4:05 P.M.
Sun., November 23vs. Minnesota1:00 P.M.
Thurs., December 18vs. Indianapolis8:15 p.m.

The Black Package:

Sat., August 9vs. Atlanta7:30 P.M.
Sun., September 14vs. Buffalo1:00 P.M.
Sun., October 5vs. Pittsburgh8:15 P.M.
Sun., November 16vs. Tennessee1:00 P.M.
Sun., December 14vs. Green Bay1:00 p.m.

So you get to go to one game a month, get one preseason ticket and one of the prime time game tickets (either Indy or Pittsburgh, your choice). You also get at least one division game and one ticket for one of  the NFC and AFC North teams.

The packages start off around 210 dollars (or just 42 dollars a month!) and I think it is a great way to increase the ticket sales without selling the single game tickets to the away team fans (I am looking at you, Pittsburgh).