Mike Pete And The Other Adrian Peterson


Jaguar fans have a different kind of rivarly to look forward to this coming season. Of course there will always be the Titans, the Colts and to a lesser extent the Steelers. However, the Jaguars will also be playing the NFC North with the likes of the Green Bay Packers, the Detriot Lions, the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears.

It will be exciting to at least one Jaguar to play against Adrian Peterson.

But which Adrian Peterson?

Sure, sure. Adrian Peterson of the Viking awesome running back blah blah blah.

But the Chicago Bears have their own running back named Adrian Peterson, sometimes referred to as “The Other Adrian Peterson” or (by Vikings fans) “Adrian Peterson the Lesser”. He is also the brother of the Jaguars’ linebacker Mike Peterson.

According to this article, Mike gave his little brother a lot of crap when they played together in high school.

"As a freshman running back on the Santa Fe High School scout team in the early-to-mid 1990s, Peterson — all 140 pounds of him — knew his older brother, Mike, a 200-pound all-state senior safety, was always looking to dish out a little somethin’ somethin’ to his little brother during scrimmages and hitting drills."

As you can imagine, Adrian has been looking forward to the day that they would meet again on opposite sides and he could get his younger sibling revenge.

Mike Peterson went to Florida, Adrian Peterson went to Georgia Southern. They never played each other.

When the Jaguars played the Bears, Mike and Adrian were in the same stadium together. However, they didn’t go against each other because Adrian was only on special teams and Mike was playing defense. It would have to wait.

To borrow the Jags’ motto from this year, now is the time. This is the first year they will be against each other since high school.

How does Mike feel about his younger brother in the NFL?

"“(Having two brothers in the NFL) is old news to us, but most of the press hasn’t quite got it, yet,” 6-foot-1, 238-pound Mike said. “We’re not just two brothers in the NFL, we’re the Peterson boys.“But we’re not in it for the hype. We’re a couple of blue collar guys doing what we love.”"

Just because they are brothers doesn’t mean they won’t be tough on each other.

“I love him to death, but at that point, I have a job to do,” Adrian said.

God bless a good rivarly.