About Us

About Us

The Editor:

Daniel Lago was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Jacksonville in time to see the Jaguars’ inaugural season in 1995. He attended the University of Florida and is currently at Georgia Tech for graduate school studying nuclear engineering.  Daniel bleeds black and teal, but he also follows Gator football and basketball, as well as Orlando Magic basketball and Atlanta Braves baseball.

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The Writers:

Zoltan Paksa writes from Budapest, Hungary and first became a fan of the franchise in the late 90′s when he heard of a peculiar NFL team called the “Jacksonville Jaguars”. With the help of the internet, he immersed himself in Jaguars football in 2004 and 2005 and slowly began to fall in love with them. Since then, he has avidly pursued every article, picture, video, and sound byte he could get on the Jaguars and is by all means a well-respected maven of Jaguars football.

He has contributed for numerous Jaguars-related sites in addition to Black&Teal, including BigCatCountry. He can be found writing for Bow.hu (formally, NFL.hu and bigger than ever!), as well as other NFL outlets, under the moniker “iktriad”.


Jason Love was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. He attended Stanton College Prep, UF and is currently at FSU Law. Jason’s football experience comes from middle and high school, where he played OG, LB, TE and FB. Jason also is an avid USMNT soccer enthusiast. Jason keeps tabs on the Jaguars, UF Gators, US National Men’s Soccer and Jacksonville Suns.


David Johns is not a Jacksonville native. He’s from a small po-dunk town in Alabama. After he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music, he moved to Jacksonville, FL where he lived in a storage shed for months until he could get his feet under him. During that time, he quickly developed an affinity for the Jaguars, and began supporting the team in whatever way he could. He enjoys music, plays four different instruments, is a songwriter, and is an avid comic book collector.
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Zain Gowani was born in a little town called Mercy, New Jersey.  This proved ironic as he showed none of it to opposing players on the football field, basketball court, and track growing up in Orlando, FL.  A highly touted prospect recruited by a number of flag football teams across the country, his amateur sports career was derailed by earth-shattering injuries at the age of 22, and he now lives in Nashville, TN where he is a medical student by day and a medical student by night.  In his free time, he follows his hometown Orlando Magic, the Florida Gators, Novak Djokavic, and of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Glenn Walton

Glenn Walton is currently serving a government-sponsored exile to near-Canada New York. He spends most of his free time shoveling snow, building igloos and watching Jaguars football by whatever means he can. Born something of a nomad, he ended up in Jacksonville from 1994-1997. When he watched Morten Anderson fall on his backside from section 224 he was hooked on Jaguars Football. He spent his years away from North Florida entertaining himself by wearing MJD jerseys in Pittsburgh bars and schooling Steven A. Smith on the difference between Tommy Maddox and “intangibles.” During the day he serves as an artilleryman in the Army and at night he shovels more snow. No real talents, aside from the recently acquired Jedi-knight level snow shoveling skills – did he mention it snows quite a bit up north?

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zach_j_about_usZach Johnson represents the young generation of Jaguar fans – feisty, smart, and diehards to the core. He is seventeen and hails from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He became a fan at an early age and has stuck with the team through years of ineptitude and glory alike. He focuses mainly on draft breakdowns, with a particular focus on quarterbacks. He loves everything to do with the Draft and the Jaguars

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