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A Right Tackle Is Worth The Second Overall Pick

Picking a right tackle at number two overall in the 2013 NFL Draft wasn’t a sexy idea when it first came out.  Why would a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars “waste” their high draft pick by selecting a player at a non-premium position?  The left tackle is where it’s at in the NFL.  Just take a look at the free agent market and see the right tackles languishing in unemployment if you’re curious.  There are some good players out there but even the best, like Andre Smith, can’t land a contract.

But is this stigma of right tackles not being a premium position actually accurate?

A recent article from the good guys at Pro Football Focus shed some light on the situation by publishing two tables:

Pressure Surrendered by Position 2012:

Category Drop-backs Run Att Comp Comp% Acc% Yds YPA TD INT TD/INT QB
LT 932 64 724 340 47.0% 61.8% 3,977 5.5 21 26 0.81 58.8
LG 639 40 511 250 48.9% 62.5% 3,439 6.7 22 26 0.85 64.0
C 383 33 292 122 41.8% 52.8% 1,541 5.3 7 17 0.41 42.6
RG 686 55 533 253 47.5% 60.3% 3,185 6.0 24 16 1.50 69.0
RT 1,103 90 824 421 51.1% 64.0% 4,868 5.9 17 22 0.77 65.0
Multiple 841 48 493 199 40.4% 56.5% 2,399 4.9 11 23 0.48 44.0

Pressure Surrendered by Position Five-year (2008-2012):

Category Drop-backs Run Att Comp Comp% Acc% Yds YPA TD INT TD/INT QB
LT 3,795 220 2,921 1,446 49.5% 63.5% 17,735 6.1 102 124 0.82 62.6
LG 2,937 187 2,357 1,146 48.6% 62.2% 15,758 6.7 79 104 0.76 63.2
C 1,780 139 1,402 640 45.6% 59.7% 8,341 5.9 37 68 0.54 53.5
RG 2,867 203 2,294 1,095 47.7% 61.1% 13,838 6.0 78 79 0.99 64.0
RT 4,761 334 3,643 1,794 49.2% 63.6% 21,781 6.0 102 135 0.76 61.9
Multiple 3,867 206 2,329 994 42.7% 60.4% 12,330 5.3 63 112 0.56 48.7

As noted in the article, centers that give up pressure hurt quarterback play the most, which makes sense.  But, focusing on left tackle versus right tackle, we can see that the completion percentage of quarterbacks over five years is about the same whether the pressure is coming from the right or left tackle.  In point of fact, more interceptions have been thrown due to right tackle pressure over the past five years resulting in a lower TD/INT ratio.

This is particularly relevant to the Jacksonville Jaguars as they gear up for the draft.  Many mock drafts have the Jags taking an offensive tackle like Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher in the first round at number two overall.  The early analysis of picking Fisher that early as a right tackle (assuming Eugene Monroe retains his left tackle position for at least a year) was negative.  A lot of the discussion revolved around a right tackle, as a position, being less valuable than other positions that early in the draft.  This is odd, when looking at the numbers, since left tackle is considered such a “premium position” that is worth high draft status but doesn’t have much difference in helping quarterbacks when facing pressure.

Based on the numbers presented, and I trust PFF to be accurate, it appears a right tackle is worth a high draft pick and should be on equal footing as a left tackle in terms of helping a team – a quarterback in particular.  Left tackle may be a more taxing and difficult position to play but it appears that right and left tackles, as separate positions, both help fairly equally.

A big thanks to PFF for putting my mind at ease heading into the draft so I can relax and not worry about whichever position the Jags pick at number two overall.  From right tackle to defensive end, I’m now fine with whomever.  Now, is Geno Smith “the guy?”  That’s something entirely different.

- Luke N. Sims

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  • http://twitter.com/mikeyfeelsfine Michael McCrosky

    Your article makes it clear that having a good RT is important. But how does that translate to it being necessary for us to take one with the 2nd overall pick? If the rest of the league doesn’t value good RT’s like you said (i.e. Andre Smith) then it shouldn’t be too hard for us to fill that position with decent talent at a much lower cost whether through college FA or the later rounds of the draft.

    • LukeNSims

      I don’t think it’s necessary. I want Dion Jordan at number two. I was merely highlighting the value that a good RT can have as all the Eric Fisher to Jax stuff hit the internet yesterday.

      I think other positions hold much more value than an offensive tackle (Even a left tackle) but I wasn’t writing to expound on that. I was merely identifying that a right tackle holds much more equal value (even if it is an easier position to play) to left tackle than people realize.

      I say wait until the draft is over and then tell the right tackles left on the market that capitalism has spoken and they are only worth a couple million a year so they may as well sign on now.

      • http://twitter.com/mikeyfeelsfine Michael McCrosky

        Cool and I agree. The article was interesting and I learned something. Thanks.