NFL Draft 2013: Geno Smith Falling Out Of Top-10?


Free…free falling.  Source: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback is the most important positions in football and it’s one of the toughest positions to get right.  If you guess wrong a first round quarterback you end up with a Byron Leftwich instead of Terrell Suggs.  Geno Smith, NFL Draft 2013’s sacred cow, is the latest in a line of quarterback draft prospects who promise to be a gamble.  Everybody is wondering if Geno Smith is “the guy.”  Nobody seems sure that he is.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were so impressed with Smith that head coach Gus Bradley spent extensive time with him after his Pro Day workout.  He help Smith up taking questions while they talked schematic fits and leadership.  Does that make him a guaranteed lock at number two?  Not by a long shot.  In fact, it seems like Smith’s stock keeps falling the closer we get to the draft.

According to writer Josh Sanchez, Smith could tumble all the way out of the top 10.  “Buffalo appears to be the first likely landing spot for a signal-caller and it is believed that their pick is down to either Matt Barkley or Ryan Nassib. Because of his familiarity with Bills head coach Doug Marrone, Nassib appears to be the favorite,” writes Sanchez.  While I doubt he gets past the New York Jets with their two first round picks, whether they pick him at number nine or 13 overall is the real question.

There are a number of quarterback needy teams early in the draft so don’t be shocked to see him land with any of the following:

  • Kansas City Chiefs (1)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (2)
  • Oakland Raiders (3)
  • Cleveland Browns (6)
  • Arizona Cardinals (7)
  • Buffalo Bills (8)
  • New York Jets (9)

But maybe there is enough talent on either side of the ball at other positions that Smith somehow gets overlooked because right now everyone is asking if he is “the guy” and nobody seems confident enough to say “yes, he is.”

– Luke N. Sims

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