Walkin' On Sunshine: Why it's better to be a fan of the Jaguars than the 49ers

Here are nine reasons why it's better to be a Jaguars fan than a Whiners Fan
'Merica / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The cold wind whips around Soldier Field, blizzard conditions at Lambeau, snow drifts in Buffalo higher than Snoop on 4/20. Arctic temperatures are the norm in Denver, sleet and rain in New England. These are the images that come to mind for most fans when they think about football in America. But not this guy. I'll take sunny and 75 every day of the week and twice on Sunday (1:00 and 4:00 games). It is one of the many reasons being a Jacksonville Jaguars fan is better than all the rest. And in honor of this week's game, here are nine reasons why Jacksonville and the Jags are better than the Santa Clara Forty Niners.

The Jaguars have Mr. Football. San Francisco has Mr. Irrelevant. Trevor Lawrence was the top pick in his draft, and Brock Purdy was the last in his. Even the name.......Brock Purdy. Sounds like a failed adult film star. I can see the marquee now — Brock Purdy starring in "Nothin' Could Be Finer Than to be a S***y Niner!"

We have Jaxon DeVille. They have Sourdough Sam. Our mascot daringly bungees from the lights at the beginning of games. Does anyone know what Sourdough Sam do? Make a sandwich? Fans get to see the Jaguars actually play in our hometown. They play 45 miles away in Santa Clara. Imagine driving halfway to Daytona for a Jags game?

Yet more reasons why being a fan of the Jaguars is better than being a fan of the 49ers

Jacksonville has Limp Bizkit. San Francisco has Metallica. Oops, chalk one up for the bay. We have cool names like Foyesade Oluokun and Tank Bigsby. They have George Kittle and Sam Darnold (snoring sound). Fran-cisco? Pffft. Gimme Andre Cisco! The Jaguars have a Super Bowl winning coach. The Niners have a runner-up. We have sunny and 75. They have 32, 58, 91, all in the same day with a minus-12 wind chill. Sure, we have the occasional hurricane. But I'll take wind and rain over a building falling on my head 'cuz of an earthquake.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have won five in a row. They have lost three in a row. They have wine and charcuterie. We have Jack and grits! Lastly, I don't know, or care for that matter, what they chant up in Santa Clara, but nothing, and I mean nothing beats DUUUUUUUUUUVALLLLLLLLLL! There's nothing finer than being a Jags fan, especially with the team on the rise. I'll say it, I'll say it, I'll say it again now, don't it feel good?

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