Optimistic and Pessimistic views on Jaguars vs. 49ers: Ya down wit OPP?

Are you optimistic, pessimistic, or just plain pumped about the Jaguars' next six games?
Expect a full house on Sunday as the Jaguars face off against the Forty Niners
Expect a full house on Sunday as the Jaguars face off against the Forty Niners / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The optimist sees the stadium as half-full while the pessimist sees it half half-empty, and optimism for the Jacksonville Jaguars has never been higher. Come Sunday, neither the optimist nor the pessimist will have much of an argument because EverBank Stadium will be completely full, as the San Francisco 49ers and their vaunted defense come to town for what is the best matchup of the weekend.

This game starts a brutal stretch for the Jaguars in which they play two division foes and then three AFC North teams that would all be in the playoffs if they started today. Let's take a look at how the optimistic and pessimistic (which I tend to be) Jaguar fan views the Niners game.

Optimistic and Pessimistic ways to look at the Jaguars bout vs. the 49ers in Week 10

Optimist: The Niners have to travel across the country while the Jags enjoy home-field advantage. San Francisco is mired in a three-game losing streak while the Jaguars have ripped off five straight wins. Brock Purdy is struggling, throwing five picks against only three touchdowns in his last three games. He will be prime hunting for an opportunistic Jaguars defense while Trevor Lawrence has been the model of consistency.

The Niners' defense has been mediocre of late while the Jacksonville defense has been a top unit all season. Left tackle Trent Williams might not play and Deebo Samuel hasn't either played or been a factor in a game since Week 3.

The Jaguars also added Ezra Cleaveland to bolster an already effective run game, and they have had an extra week to get healthy coming off the bye. Their offense has just as many, if not more playmakers than the 49ers. The Jaguars will be very motivated to play as the top seeding in the AFC is still very much up for grabs,

Pessimist: The Niners just added a premier pass rusher in Chase Young. They are getting some key players back from injury, including the aforementioned Samuel, who owned the Jaguars in their last matchup. San Francisco can't afford to lose four in a row with the Seahawks breathing down their necks. The Jags have struggled at EverBank this season, going 1-2 in three games, and have yet to put together a complete game.

Calvin Ridley has been somewhat of a disappointment, barely averaging over four catches a game and only catching two touchdowns. The Jaguars really haven't beat anybody yet. Kenny Pickett, Gardner Minshew, Desmond Ridder, Derek Carr, and Anthony Richardson don't really strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.

And let's face it, there is something wrong with the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen. The 49ers are also coming off a BYE and are well-rested, and they have the best player on the planet in First-Team All-Pro Christian McCaffrey, who also owned the Jaguars in their last matchup. In fact, Samuel and McCaffrey combined for 270 yards and four touchdowns the last time each played the Jaguars. And they weren't on the same team yet!

Edge: Pessimist- Niners win a close one 27-24.

Regardless of the outcome, the Jaguars and their fans are pumped up for this game. It is an opportunity to gain a signature win and prove that the team belongs in the conversation as one of the best in the league. As for me? Yeah, you know me, the last P stands for "Problems." As in the Jaguars are going to have problems with the 49ers. Too many to overcome.

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