Trevor Lawrence will be a man on fire vs. the Titans despite scrutiny from the media

• Doubt and criticism surrounding are filling the airwaves and news feeds

• Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence isn't hearing any of ti

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jacksonville Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence took a massive hit last Sunday.
In a game they were expected to lose from the moment the 2023 schedule was released, they still managed to disappoint everyone in a truly defeating fashion. This loss sucked the hype and love the sports media had for the Jags straight out of Duval. However, it ain't over till it's over.

The Jaguars are being dismissed, accused of being frauds, and outright attacked by sports media "experts." From CBS and USA Today to Sports Illustrated and Pro Football Focus, many NFL analysts are seemingly giving up on Trevor Lawrence.

According to these experts, you should sit or stay away from all Jaguars players in Week 11. They claim that Lawrence's fantasy football performances have not necessarily reflected this success. They point out that Lawrence's 3.0% touchdown pass attempt rate puts him in the bottom ten among all quarterbacks this season. And despite recently taking to running the ball more himself, he has failed to score a rushing touchdown so far in 2023.

Travis Etienne Jr. has become the offense's focus, his 160 carries are the second-most by a running back this season. This game against the Titans is likely to be favorable for the Jaguars, as Tennessee has only allowed ten touchdown passes - the seventh-fewest for any defense. Consequently, Etienne is expected to be the main feature of the Jaguars offense.

Why Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is poised for a big outing vs. the Titans in Week 11

However, I think they are wrong, dead wrong. Trevor Lawrence will have the biggest game of this season against the Titans Sunda. Here is why: he lost hard to the 49ers, he is upset and blames himself, and he is hearing the NFL world turn on him, calling him a fraud. This will fuel a rage we haven't seen in the calm, cool, collected Lawrence. He will be a man on fire this week with something to prove, and the Titans are the perfect victim to feel his wrath.

The Titans have had some difficulty with passing offenses in 2023, having given up 300 or more passing yards to two different quarterbacks in a single game and having allowed one or more passing touchdowns to seven quarterbacks this season.

Furthermore, three quarterbacks have thrown for two touchdowns against them in 2023. The Titans have the 17th-ranked pass defense, giving up 227.4 yards per game, and the seventh-ranked defense in terms of passing touchdowns allowed, with ten this season (1.1 per game).

I recommend that all fantasy owners start Steezy Trev, along with wide receiver Christian Kirk, tight end Evan Engram, and Calvin Ridley if you have them on your team. Take Lawrence and one of his targets on the cheap in daily leagues and build around them.

For those who like to bet, pick Christian Kirk as an anytime scorer at +155. tight end Evan Engram's first touchdown (+900), Lawrence on the over 22.5 completions and rushing yards 14.5. For Ridley, take the over 3.5 receptions and over on Kirk for receiving yards at 24.5. The Titans give up an average of 227 yards per game in 2023 and 1.1 touchdowns, so the over 245 passing yards and 1.5 touchdowns after Trevor has been doubted and disrespected with everything to prove is rather enticing.

This will be a comeback statement game, and despite the media slander, never forget it was always the Jags.

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