Black & Teal 2023: Projecting the Jaguars 2023 season

The Black & Teal staff predict each Jaguars game in 2023, the division standings, and some Jaguars superlatives.
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one of biggest surprises of the 2022 season and they're set to make noise once again in 2023 but how much better in 2023? The crew at the Black & Teal shared— Andrew Kessler, Jeff Tice, Josh Cronick and Carlos Sanchez — their thoughts and their predictions for the 2023 season.

Predicting the Season 2023 season for the Jaguars

Beau predicts a six-game win streak leading into the Bye to bring the record to 7-1. Meanwhile, Carlos is the only person to predict a win against the Kansas City Chiefs. All writers expect a 3-0 start to the division games.

Following the Bye in Week 9, we predict the following:

We unanimously expect a loss to the San Francisco 49ers before bouncing back against the Tennessee Titans at home. Josh and I expect the Titans to get revenge from last year in Week 18, while Beau, Jeff, and Carlos predict a three-game winning streak heading into the playoffs.

This leaves the Jaguars with the following records:

Beau Adams


Jeff Tice


Carlos Sanchez


Andrew Kessler


Josh Cronick


How the AFC Shakes Out in 2023

We all expect the Jaguars to repeat as AFC South Champions. Beau boldly expects the Titans to finish dead last in the division, while Josh expects the Texans to struggle with their young team.

Jaguars Superlatives for the 2023 season

Taking Trevor Lawrence out of consideration, here are our predictions for the Jaguar’s Most Valuable Player:

Jeff and I opted for a couple of defensive players to take that next step up. Meanwhile, Beau shrugs off concerns of a running back timeshare.

For Offensive Player of the Year, it was a landslide. Everyone chose Calvin Ridley to make an immediate impact except for Carlos who had chosen Ridley as his MVP. Instead, Carlos opts for Etienne to have an expanded impact on the offense.

Defensive Player of the Year was more contentious. Carlos and I agreed that Josh Allen will take that step up in his contract year, while Josh expects the up-and-coming star in Tyson Campbell. Beau and Jeff both chose year-two players in Walker and Lloyd to make a bigger impact in 2023.

Jeff and I agree that Harrison will make the biggest impact of the rookie class. Beau and Josh opt for offensive skill players in Bigsby and Washington to add significantly to the offense. Meanwhile, Carlos goes with a sleeper in Abdullah to get into the defensive rotation.

Josh went the offensive route, seeing Elijah Cooks being a pleasant surprise as a rookie. Beau and I are on the same page, thinking Lloyd will be a pleasant surprise while Cisco will disappoint. Josh and Carlos both see concerns with the offensive line, with Harrison and Robinson as their disappointing Jaguars for this season.

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