This Jacksonville Jaguars player suspension is bad news

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a very good football team. They have a GM that wants to win, an experienced coach that knows how to run a football team, and an elite young quarterback that has only scratched the surface of his potential. 

The last thing that this team needs right now is an off-the-field distraction. Unfortunately, they have one right now and it is not good. It is something that they have to deal with as a team and learn from it. 

The Jaguars are going to be without OT Cam Robinson for four games. He is suspended for violating the league's PED policy. This is a tough blow to the Jaguars' offensive line.

Cam Robinson is going to miss the beginning of the 2023 NFL season.

This came on a day in which some other NFL players were suspended for gambling on NFL games last season. The league isn't really messing around with these rule violations.

This violation is going to cost Cam Robinson some money. He is going to lose 3.55 million dollars in base salary. It also voids the guaranteed money that he has left on his contract which is not good for him.

Where do the Jaguars go from here in terms of replacing Robinson for the four games? Well, it makes room for Anton Harrison to become the starter in that position. If he is very good as a first-round pick in 2023, that could make it even harder for Robinson to get his job back once the four weeks are up.

You can't help but wonder if they look to trade him at this point. That happens to players who get in trouble like this sometimes.

It does seem as if Robinson is ashamed of the situation:

It is good to hear this quote from him as he acknowledges that he seems to have let everybody down. Hopefully, he does come back after four games and gets back on track.

If he is there with the Jaguars following his punishment, it would be nice to see him find a way to make an impact on the team for the good. It will be interesting to see how this goes from here.

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