The Jaguars would love to see DeAndre Hopkins avoid the Titans

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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DeAndre Hopkins is a very good wide receiver in the NFL. He has been around for a long time and has been one of the more productive players at his position during that time.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are highly unlikely to bring in a player like this because there is simply not a need for him right now. They have plenty of other great weapons for Trevor Lawrence to throw to.

The money should be used on other positions of need across the football field. However, the Jaguars could still hope that Hopkins ends up in one place over the other.

It seems as if he is down to the New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans. Both of them are in the AFC which is less than ideal for Jacksonville but one is preferred over the other.

The Jaguars would love to see DeAndre Hopkins stay out of the division.

Of course, Tom Brady is no longer a factor with the New England Patriots and they are now probably the worst team in their own division. That isn't saying much though because the AFC East is stacked.

The Jaguars also don't play the New England Patriots in 2023 so he'd be a non-factor on their schedule. With that in mind, the Jaguars play the Tennessee Titans twice this year because they are obviously AFC South Division rivals.

The Titans are a good team but it seems like they might not be a great team anymore. The Jaguars dethroned them as the division champions in 2022 and they'd like to keep it that way.

With Hopkins out of the division, it is less likely that it will happen. It is nice to have to hope that he goes to the Patriots instead. That organization might also just be better for him and his career in general.

It also makes total sense for New England. DeAndre Hopkins would be a great piece for Mac Jones as he tries to get going here in year three.

If he came in, It would be a nice challenge for the Jaguars. Still, sometimes it is just nice to see elite players go to other teams rather than division rivals, especially the division rival that has been the most challenging in recent years.

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