Script writer for the Jaguars schedule announcement shares his prediction for 2023

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You might know Asher Grodman as an actor in Ghosts but he recently got the chance to show off his writing chops when he put together the schedule announcement for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Grodman recently shared with Kay Adams of Fan Duel some behind-the-scenes anecdotes while filming took place and took advantage of the opportunity to make a bold prediction for the Jags in 2023.

Grodman made an appearance on Up & Adams and said that they filmed the whole video in less than two days. He also told Adams that wide receiver Zay Jones and Tyson Campbell had a natural talent for acting, and added that the whole Zay Jones scene was improvised.

"Both Zay Jones and Tyson Campbell have expressed interest in getting into acting and they could both do it", Grodman said. "They're fantastic; the entire Zay Jones scene was improvised".

Grodman also had high praise for Pug Dederson a.k.a head coach Doug Pederson who had no clue of what to do, which fit the theme of the video perfectly. "Doug Pederson is incredible, so much fun because he showed up with so much of him, 'I don't know this role, I don't know how to act'. So I was like great, just do that, just 'don't know' and I will switch the words around to make you an acting expert who doesn't know football", Grodman said.

Here's the whole video for the Jaguars' schedule release in case you haven't watch... or you want to watch it again because it deserves a second and third viewing.

Asher Grodman sees the Jacksonville Jaguars doing big things in 2023

Later on in his appearance on Up & Adams, Grodman said that he sees the Jaguars not only running away with the division title for the second straight year but also making a deep playoff run.

"We're gonna win the division, I am sure we will be in the divisional round again. I believe we'll be getting past that. I don't buy this Dolphins Mishigas your previous guest is selling but I think we're gonna be there, deep deep into this end and CBS is hosting the Super Bowl, so my worlds converge very nicely", Grodman said. Here's the clip of his exchange with Adams.

While reaching the Super Bowl is a daunting task even for the best teams in the league, the Jags have a favorable schedule to play in the championship game this year. They would need to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Buffalo Bills in either the regular season or the playoffs but it's doable. Also, they would need to avoid major injuries, which is pretty difficult given their random nature.

Maybe that's why Grodman came up short of saying Jacksonville would appear in Super Bowl 58. Nevertheless, he and other Jaguars fans should definitely feel good about their chances of going all the way.

The Jacksonville Jaguars showed last year that they can get to the playoffs. They now need to pick up where they left off and get over the hump. If they do, Grodman will be a very happy fan.

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