Jaguars 2023 schedule: 2 announcement videos that hit the mark, 1 that missed it

Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars
Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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The NFL knows we all get pretty antsy after the draft as we patiently wait for the football season. So they decided to give us fans a little bit of football excitement by making an event out of the upcoming season schedule announcement. To make it better and show fans that they get us, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and all other teams, make an entertaining short video to accompany their season schedule release.

Some clubs take those seriously, others phone it in, while others still try their best but miss the mark completely. So let's review some of these videos and highlight what works, what doesn't, and what made us smile. Today we will look at two of the schedule release videos that hit and one that missed the mark.

First off, two teams set themselves apart with their scheduled release videos. The Los Angles Chargers and the Tennessee Titans won the internet this weekend, without a doubt. The Chargers anime was fresh, unique, and a lot of fun. The Titans nailed it with the Broadway man on the street video, but also impressed with their second video, a first-person follow-cam tour of Nashville. Great job, Titans and Chargers media teams.

Next, a few teams put together great release videos, so let's discuss honorable mentions. The Dolphins put together a terrific video, with movie trailers of their incoming opponents, the Regal Cinemas' old-school rollercoaster intro. It played Dolphins, great work. Here is the Dolphins video if you didn't catch it.

The Broncos with the Office parody worked, and The Giants and Victor Cruz escape room was great. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Buffalo Bills and their dream jobs. Now let's get to our two videos that really hit.