Ridley Me This: Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley's value in Fantasy Football for 2023 season

Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley is the biggest unknown for Fantasy Football owners in upcoming drafts. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to draft him.
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Atlantis, D.B. Cooper and how in the hell are Ozzy and Keith Richards still alive? These are the great mysteries of our time. Let's go ahead and add Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley's fantasy outlook to this list.

To quote Winston Churchill, fantasy Ridley "is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." In my thirty years as a fantasy owner and commissioner, I have never been more flummoxed about projecting what a player will do. Sure, there are other players that are enigmatic this year. J.K. Dobbins and Alexander Mattison come to mind. But no player has the potential to carry a team like Ridley. The consensus in fantasy circles seems to be the same: There is no consensus.

Where do experts rank Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley in terms of Fantasy Football?

With most fantasy football drafts taking place in the upcoming week, fantasy owners are vying for any edge they can get. Unfortunately, like his jersey number, Ridley is providing zero edge whatsoever as his rankings are as inconsistent as the Florida weather.

Draft Kings has Ridley ranked as the 27th wide receiver overall, while CBS Sports has him ranked 15th. Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Ringer, and Matthew Berry all have him ranked somewhere in between, with each giving a different ranking. His projections for the year are just as random.

Ridley's statistics are projected as high as 90 receptions, 1400 yards, and 10 touchdowns and as low as 75 catches, 900 yards, and five touchdowns. If we accept this as his ceiling and floor, his actual statistics should fall somewhere in between. But a difference of 15 catches, 500 yards, and five touchdowns can make or break a fantasy season. So why the inconsistency?