Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence can win MVP honors in 2023 but must also clear big hurdles

Trevor Lawrence has a clear path to the Most Valuable Player Award
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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“Alllllll Abooooaaard! The Trevor Train is now departing on track 16!” Given that CSX has a large presence in Jacksonville, it seems only fitting that everyone is getting on board with the idea that the Jaguars are legitimate contenders and their quarterback Trevor Lawrence is a viable MVP candidate.

I say let's pump the air brake a little bit before we get carried away. This is a club that lost eight games last year, and has won an average of five games a year over the last 13 years, coincidentally, the same number of years I have been a season ticket holder. Hence my hesitancy to anoint the
Jaguars and Lawrence the next great thing.

That said, I do see a track for Trevor Lawrence to go down to become the league MVP: A second year in the same high caliber offensive system, the addition of Calvin Ridley into said explosive offense, a first place schedule that will pit him against some of the league's best teams and quarterbacks, and some prime time exposure.

Patrick Mahomes stands in the way of Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence's MVP candidacy

We all know MVP spelled backwards stands for Patrick Vucking Mahomes, and until he and the Chiefs prove otherwise, the MVP and the Lombardi trophies both go through Kansas City. Luckily for Lawrence, Kansas City comes through Jacksonville in a Week 2 rematch of the divisional playoff round last year, where the Jaguars showed they could compete until a late, heartbreaking fumble deep in K.C. territory spelled doom for the Big Cats.

Taking down the reigning MVP this year would speed up the healing process and put fans, teams, and writers on notice that the Jaguars are for real. If Lawrence has a big game, it will also vault him into the early MVP conversation.