Jaguars owner Shad Khan might've tipped his preference for offensive playcaller

• It's yet to be determine who'll call plays for the Jaguars on offense next year. Shad Khan has a preference but won't say it out loud.
Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan speaks as Head Coach Doug Pederson listens at Miller Electric Center, during a media conference Monday, June 13, 2022 at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville.
Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan speaks as Head Coach Doug Pederson listens at Miller Electric Center, during a media conference Monday, June 13, 2022 at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA

One of the biggest plotlines surrounding the Jacksonville Jaguars is who'll be the playcaller on offense. Last year, offensive coordinator Press Taylor held that responsibility full-time. However, head coach Doug Pederson has considered calling plays again in 2024. Owner Shad Khan, for one, has a preference but he'd rather not tell.

That said, Khan might've tipped his hand when he met with the local media after the deal to spend $1.4 billion in renovations to EverBank Stadium passed.

Khan was asked whether he wants Pederson or Taylor to call plays next season. He says he has a preference but he'd rather keep it to himself. “Yeah, I have an opinion," the Jaguars owner said, via Mark Long of the Associated Press. "But I don't want to tell people 'We need to do it' because then things don't work out, they look at me and say, 'We did it because you wanted it."

Then again, Khan implied later in the exchange that Pederson was his choice for playcaller, bringing up a New York Times article that cast doubt on the coach's future with the Jags, "If I were in that situation, I'd want my hands on the wheel."

This doesn't mean that Pederson is on the hot seat, but it's telling that Khan suggested that he would call plays if he were in the coach's situation.

When Pederson was hired as the head coach in 2022, he brought Taylor as his coordinator. Taylor called plays in some games during his first season in Jacksonville. He became the playcaller full-time in 2023. With him at the helm, the offense thrived early in the season. However, injuries struck and he wasn't able to adjust.

In Taylor's defense, he didn't have enough players at hand to make the necessary changes. Compounding the issue is that the offensive line couldn't open lanes in the running lanes, which made the offense one-dimensional. But despite the mixed results, Pederson showed confidence in Taylor, going as far as saying he did a good job.

Pederson has since changed his tune, saying during the owner's meeting in March that he's considered taking over playcalling duty again. When asked about it during offseason activities, he said he still has plenty of time to think before the regular season starts.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan is right to let Doug Pederson choose the playcaller

Shad Khan has earned a reputation as a patient owner. However, he told the media that will not accept a collapse like the one in 2023. On the other hand, it's hard to see him suddenly meddle in team affairs in order to give the Jaguars a better chance to win. He still trusts Doug Pederson and general manager Trent Baalke to make the right decisions, and it won't be any different when it comes to choosing a playcaller on offense.

Does Khan have a preference? You bet, but he knows that he doesn't gain anything by injecting himself into the situation. Then again, it's fair to assume that Pederson or someone in his orbit picked the owner's comments. And that's the thing, he needs to think about what's best for him and the team.

Pederson has routinely stood up for Taylor. Even during his stint with the Philadelphia Eagles, he chose to resign when owner Jeff Lurie didn't want Taylor as his offensive coordinator. That's commendable, but Pederson is the better playcaller, and by taking over that responsibility, he gives himself and the Jaguars a chance to accomplish big things in 2024.

The bottom line is that unless Pederson fully trusts Taylor, he's better off calling plays in 2024. Khan would probably agree.

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