Jaguars announce renovations approval with tribute to franchise foundation news

The City of Jacskonville voted on deal for renovations to EverBank Stadium. It passed, ensuring the Jaguars stay put for years to come.
Aug 26, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; A general view of the Jacksonville Jaguars helmet in front of the jumbotron before a game against the Miami Dolphins at EverBank Stadium.
Aug 26, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; A general view of the Jacksonville Jaguars helmet in front of the jumbotron before a game against the Miami Dolphins at EverBank Stadium. / Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Back in May, the Jaguars and the City of Jacksonville agreed to spend $1.4 billion on renovations to EverBank Stadium. However, councilmembers had to approve the proposal with a 19-vote majority. It passed 14-1 with two abstentions. The Jags announced the news with a callback to the day Jacksonville was awarded an NFL franchise

The team's social media team posted a picture announcing the proposal passed with a couple pictures that were reminiscent of the time the Florida Times-Union broke the news the City of Jacksonville was getting an NFL team.

Here's the original edition of the Florida Times-Union announcing Jacksonville was getting an NFL franchise. H/t to Emily Bloch of the Philadelphia Enquirer for taking notice of the reference.

And here's a video of the team celebrating that the deal passed, "We did it."

After the deal was approved, owner Shad Khan released a statement, via the organization's official webpage.

"The belief and determination of Delores and Wayne Weaver to make the Jacksonville Jaguars a reality more than 30 years ago was reaffirmed today by the leadership of Mayor Donna Deegan, her team and the Jacksonville City Council. The message then, and now, should be clear. Never doubt Jacksonville!"

Having checked the box, the Jaguars will need NFL owners to vote on the proposal in October. But as team president Mark Lamping noted in May, they wouldn't have crafted a deal that wasn't going to be approved.

Among the things the Jaguars and Jacksonville agreed, they will each spend $625 million on renovations. However, the city will need to contribute $150 million on maintenance and repairs to prepare the EverBank for renovations over the next two years. As Michael DiRocco of ESPN points out, that means Jacksonville will be responsible for 55 percent of the total bill.

It's also worth noting that the deal includes a 30-year lease and a non-relocation agreement. Moreover, it puts a cap on the number of games the Jaguars can play outside Jacksonville once renovations are done.

Renovations to EverBank Stadium ensure the Jaguars stay in Jacksonville

Most of the things regarding the renovations to EverBank Stadium have been sorted out. One of the biggest ones was where they would play while the Bank undergoes the makeover. Renovations will start next year and the Jags will play at a reduced capacity in 2025 and 2026.

The Jags will play at a location yet to be determined in 2027. It could be either Orlando or Gainsville. Daytona Beach International Speedway had also received consideration as an alternative venue but it's already been ruled out. David Bauerlein of the Florida Times-Union reported that the Jaguars could play as many as three games in London while the Bank is closed for renovations.

As noted before, the last hurdle the Jaguars and the City of Jacksonville need to clear to uncork the champagne is a vote by the NFL owners. At this point, it's hard to see the proposal being rejected. If it passes, as expected, it will give fans another thing to celebrate besides Trevor Lawrence getting a massive extension that ensures he stays in Jacksonville for many years, just like the Jags.

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