Jaguars News: Florida football is in a good spot after week one

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hoping to be a great team this season. They are off to a great start and everyone that they were hoping to see lose did.

If they take care of their business this season, they should finish as one of the best teams in the National Football League.

The Jaguars are in Florida which is a state that loves its football and loves to see its teams do well. As of right now, the game is thriving as every team had success this last weekend.

This doesn't just apply to the NFL either. Between the NFL and FBS, they went 9-1 in the state of Florida which is absolutely incredible.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are leading the way in the state of Florida.

For the NFL teams, we saw the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts, the Miami Dolphins beat the Los Angeles Chargers, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Minnesota Vikings.

That is not a bad start at all. The Jaguars and Dolphins are expecting to have good years and the Buccaneers (although they are expected to be bad) won the division again last year. You never know how that could all go.

As far as the FBS teams, they combined to go 6-1. Florida, FSU, Miami, UCF, FIU, and USF all won their games. The only loss came from FAU. Everyone should be proud.

The South is heavily into football in the United States. They produce a ton of players that make it to the NFL and Florida is a big part of it.

Having great pro and college teams for kids to grow up watching certainly helps. Now, the hope is for this success in Florida to continue.

The Jaguars can do their part by keeping up what they are doing. They have the chance to lead the way in all this Florida success. Either they or the Miami Dolphins are the best team but only time will determine that.

The good vibes are going in Florida. It is only one week so there is a lot of work left to be done but this is a great start. With week two coming up quickly, let's keep the good times going.

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