Jaguars news: DeAndre Hopkins is headed back to the AFC South for revenge

The Tennessee Titans are trying to keep up in the AFC South arms race by signing DeAndre Hopkins. This means the Jacksonville Jaguars will get to face him again twice a season.
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Just when it looked like everything was going the Jacksonville Jaguar's way in setting up for the 2023 season, a bomb was dropped. There was a tremendous impact to the AFC South Sunday that could change the dynamic of the division. An old familiar is returning but in a different uniform, and it changes everything.

On Sunday, it was announced that former Texans star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins has finally found his new team. He will be joining Derek Henry and Ryan Tannehill in Nashville this year. According to the NFL Media, Hopkins signed a two-year, $26 million contract, with up to $32 million in incentives with the Tennessee Titans.

This will shake up all the predictions for the AFC South this year, and the Jaguars may no longer be the runaway favorites this year. Last year the Jaguars barely edged out the Titans 20-16 in the season's final game, stealing the division at 9-8 and clinching a playoff birth. All odds and analysis had the Jaguars project to go 10-7 to 14-3 this season and win the division easily. It seems the Titans have a different idea.

The Jaguars will get to face DeAndre Hopkins twice a season again

Projected to be the second-place team in the AFC South, adding D-Hop will undoubtedly improve their odds in each game and make them a considerable threat to the Jaguars.

Hopkins was rumored to be headed to New England and play for the Patriots but seems to want to seek revenge on his former team, the Hoston Texans, instead. Hopkins seven seasons in Houston and tallied 632 receptions, 8,600 yards, and 54 touchdowns before being traded to the Cardinals for running back David Johnson.

Hopkins has only played 19 games in the last two seasons in Arizona while dealing with suspensions and injuries. However, he is still one of the most elite pass catchers in the game. He will drastically improve the wide receiver room in Nashville and stretch the field for Derek Henry's power-running offense.

Mark your calendars for Nov 19th, when the Jaguars will host the Tirans for one of the year's biggest matchups. It's going to get messy in Jacksonville now.

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