The Jaguars get some help from the Ravens across the pond

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting ready for their first game back in the United States of America in a while. They spent the last two weeks in London playing against the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills. Thankfully, after a bumpy 1-2 start to the year, they won both and are now 3-2. 

The Jaguars are trying to win an AFC South that might be a bit better than people expected coming into the season. There might not be three Super Bowl contenders or anything like that but there are four teams that play competitive football every week.

One of them is the Tennessee Titans. The Jaguars took the division crown from the Titans last year after a few years of winning it in a row in Nashville. It was great but that doesn't mean that the Titans should just be dismissed now.

In week 6, the Titans went across the pond to London where the Jaguars just were. It was their turn to play a game for the great fans over there. They took on the Baltimore Ravens in what promised to be a great game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hoping that their division rivals continue to lose.

Well, it turned out to be great but it also turned out to be a helpful result for the Jaguars. These 2-3 Titans took on the Baltimore Ravens who were 3-2 coming into the game. Thankfully, for the Jaguars' sake, the Titans lost to Baltimore by a final score of 24-16.

This is a big win for Baltimore who is trying to stay near the top of the rankings of the AFC. They believe they have a team with a quarterback that can help them win the Super Bowl. Who knows, maybe they'll even meet the Jags in the playoffs.

As for the AFC South rankings, the 2-4 Titans are going to be the last-place team no matter what happens with the other three because of tie-breakers. The 2-3 Houston Texans are getting set to play the New Orleans Saints.

The Jaguars are going to take on the Indianapolis Colts in a Week 1 rematch. Of course, the Jaguars took that game in Indy. Now, back in Jacksonville, these two 3-2 teams are battling for sole possession of first place in the AFC South. It should be a great match.