Jaguars Draft: There are a few players worth trading up for

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a great spot. They were outstanding in the second half of 2022 which earned them a division title and a playoff win.

Now, Trent Baalke and his staff are going to do what they can to improve the team coming into 2023. The Super Bowl has the be the next goal for this organization that has been a laughing stock for a very long time. They can end that narrative if they are smart.

Obviously, a good place to start is the NFL Draft. For the Jaguars, they have the 24th pick which is much lower than they are used to having (they literally had back to back first overall picks in 2021 and 2022).

Just because they are sitting there at pick 24, however, doesn't mean that they have to stay there. A lot of teams talk about trading down but why not trade up? This Jaguars team is on the verge of something special so it might be worth it to start taking some risks.

The Jacksonville Jaguars need to consider all of thier options in 2023.

Some really good players are worth trading up for. They need offensive linemen badly. Well, there are plenty of high-end prospects coming out of college at that position that can help out right away.

Do they want to get Trevor Lawrence more weapons? Well, some great wide receivers and tight ends are going to be there in the early teens. There are even plenty of players that can help improve Jacksonville's defense in 2023 as well. Lots of possibilities are out there.

Will a team trade down to 24 with Jacksonville if they can get an extra third or fourth-round pick? You'd like to think so. Is it risky for the Jaguars? Of course, it is but this team is very good.

In an AFC as loaded as it is right now, they aren't going to win in the playoffs once they get there if they don't do whatever they can to improve. They can't just be content with how 2022 went because they are no longer a laughing stock.

It is time to do whatever they can to improve. If that includes trading up in the draft, so be it. If it means making the 24th pick, that is okay too. Everything should be on the table as options.

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