Jaguars 2023 schedule: 2 announcement videos that hit the mark, 1 that missed it

Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars
Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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No. 1 schedule release video that hit: Jacksonville Jaguars

While it may be slightly biased, the Jaguars' release video hit. The comment circling social media that the NFL isn't just fixed but is scripted has been a topic of conversation all off-season. So much so that two teams independently tackled the idea in their schedule release videos.

While the Saints tried the same theme with an NFL writer scripting out the season, they missed the execution completely. The Saints video was goofy, uninspired, and cringy at times. Watch it here and see what I mean.

The Jaguars, however, nailed their scripted video. It was meta and funny; everyone in the video performed very well. Where the video got brilliant is the cameo by Jaguars owner Shahid Khan. Mr. Khan carries himself with dignity and an air of magnificence, always impeccably overdressed. When you meet him, you do not get an every-man impression; you know you're in the presence of an important man.

Mr. Khan stole the show in this schedule-release video with his casual beach guy role. It was hysterical, and he was surprisingly good. Let's revisit the Jaguars' schedule release video and focus on Mr. Khan. Give that man the Emmy.

The Jaguars' 2022 season was unbelievable, which was the perfect setting to make this video. That is one of the big reasons this one hit while the Saints similar video missed.

The video didn't paint a great picture of who the Jaguars are playing this year but summed up exactly how all Jaguars fans feel going into the season. Trevor Lawrence plays quarterback Trevor Lawrence in Trevor Lawrence's scripted season, "The Trevor Lawrence Show." I can't wait to tune in on Sunday.