Jacksonville Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence’s Shohei Ohtani-inspired deal proposal

The time to extend the “Prince that was Promised” and “Hair Apparent” Trevor Lawrence is fast approaching. The Jaguars can make it work with this Shohei Ohtani-based contract offer.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns
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Trevor Lawrence, the Jacksonville Jaguars' 24-year-old phenom quarterback, could be on track to become the highest-paid player in the NFL. This Sunday, he will make his 48th consecutive start, a remarkable feat when you take into account that he hasn't missed one since being drafted No. 1 overall pick in 2021. Lawrence is now on the verge of taking the Jags from poverty franchises to back-to-back AFC South Champions. He is a prince, a hero, and a dawg, and it's time to get him a long-term contract.

Finishing out this season with +4,000 yards, 30 total touchdowns, an 11-6 record, and at least one playoff win is the target for growth from his royal hairness. On top of the toughness and tenacity he showed with the injury he sustained on Monday night against the Bengals, Lawrence showed everyone in Jacksonville just who he is, and he is everything we hoped for. 

The dynamics of quarterback contracts in the NFL are continually evolving. Patrick Mahomes' $450 million deal, once a groundbreaking event, is now overshadowed by newer and larger contracts. Today, Mahomes is the seventh-highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

As the market for quarterbacks continues to reset, Lawrence is predicted to cash in substantially. This could see him becoming one of the best-paid players in the league.

The Future of Trevor Lawrence's Contract

According to former NFL agent Joel Corry, Lawrence's contract extension will probably surpass the deals of fellow quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. 

"If Trevor Lawrence can build upon what he did last year, we're probably going to be north of $55 million per year, and the overall guarantees will probably be $200 million plus $150 million guaranteed at the time of signing."

The Jaguars can do better, and Lawrence deserves better. For inspiration, let's look at the team-friendly record-breaking contract just signed by Shohei Ohtani. Obtain is the highest-paid athlete in the world and became a sacrificing bargain for the Los Angeles Dodgers with one pen swipe. 

The Jaguars And The Billion Dollar Kid

The Jaguars can do the same and make Trevor Lawrence the first billion-dollar quarterback. I know this sounds absurd, but hear me out: If I was Trent Baalke I would put a 15-year, $1 billion contract, 75 percent backloaded to his final five years in front of Lawrence’s agent.

It would break down with the first $250 million guaranteed and paid over the first 12 years of the contract at $20.8 million per year. Then, in 2036, at the age of 37, Lawrence will receive $250 million guaranteed, then two $250 Million team options for 2037 and 2038. 

Fifteen years ago, the top quarterback contract in 2007 was 27-year-old Carson Palmer with a $13.4 million contract; fast forward 20 years to 2027, and Lamar Jackson is on the books for $75 million. That's a 5x increase, It's not unreasonable to foresee quarterback contracts in the $200 million range late in 2037. 

In 1979, Nolan Ryan became the first $1 million athlete, the world lost its mind then. Lawrence can be the first $1 billion athlete and be the hero the Jaguars deserve all at the same time. In June 2021, Lawrence got a four-year deal worth $36.8 million, with a $24.1 million signing bonus. You won't hear stories about him blowing his first-ever NFL paycheck. The point is the kid is savvy with the money, he is Bitcoin-rich on a Waffel House budget.

Yes, there is a good chance 2036 may be a bad year for the Jaguars but that's future Shad Kahn’s problem. This would allow the Jaguars to make Lawrence the face of the franchise and the first face of the Jaguars Mt. Rushmore while giving them the flexibility to build, support, and protect him with high-quality talent.

It's a post-Shohei Ohtani contract world we are living in, Jags need to get ahead of this. Having said that, Trevor Lawrence won't probably get that kind of deal. Instead, he'll sign one hovering around five years, and $300 million that may strap the team in free agency and limit their ability to acquire the supporting pieces Lawrence needs to bring home the ring.

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