Former NFL GMs believe Trevor Lawrence could get annual $55M salary

Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars
Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

While Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens haven't been able to agree to a new contract, the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts have struck a five-year deal worth $255 million with $179.3 million guaranteed. That's an average of $51 million per year and Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert, who are eligible for extensions, will keep pushing the quarterback market up. This begs the question, what kind of contract will the Jacksonville Jaguars eventually give Trevor Lawrence?

The Jags surely expect Trevor Lawrence to be their quarterback for years to come and if that's the case, they might need to get ready to give him a contract that pays him an annual average of at least $55 million. Back in March, before Hurts got his new deal, the Black and Teal had a chance to talk to attend a media session with Rick Spielman and Mike Tannenbaum of The 33rd Team about the kind of contract Lawrence could get.

Spielman and Tannenbaum agreed that the quarterback market is only going up and Lawrence could get an annual salary of $55 million, "We're probably looking at somewhere around comfortably $ 55 million per year", Tannenbaum said.

"I agree with Mike, let's see what happens along with quarterbacks because he's the next one in line after the Burrows, the Herberts, and the Hurts of the world who proved that he deserves to be one of the top-paid quarterbacks. The Lamar situation, that'll sort itself out eventually. I won't go down the wrong rabbit hole here, but just be patient, things will work out the way they're supposed to work out", Spielman said.

Spielman then discussed the growth Lawrence had in the second half of the 2022 season and added that he could potentially reset the quarterback market.

"But yeah, Trevor Lawrence, if he continues to climb like he did the second half of the year, I thought in that game in London versus Denver, he threw that interception in the red zone before the half, and then he had a chance to win the game. And he threw that interception at the end of the game on that final drive. And then look at what he did in the playoff game. He threw four interceptions in the first half and then came back and threw four touchdowns and had an unbelievable comeback. So you can see how he has progressed from that London game to the end of the season and just what the next step he will take going forward next year. And I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes not one of the top but potentially the top quarterback paid after everyone else resets the market, Spielman said.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will gladly pay Trevor Lawrence whatever he's worth

Trevor Lawrence was labeled a generational talent ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft and although he struggled as a rookie, he managed to elevate last year, completing over 66 percent of his passes for 4,113 yards with 25 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Even though Lawrence still has room for improvement, such as his decision making, he showed in 2022 that he's among the best quarterbacks in the league. Chris Simms of NBC Sports recently said that he sees the Clemson Tiger as top-5ish and is hard to disagree with that assessment.

Now that Hurts has secured his contract, Burrow and Herbert should be next. Both of them should surpass the annual salary Hurts got from the Eagles. Lawrence isn't eligible for a new contract yet but he will be next year and by then, Burrow and Herbert will have signed extensions, so it wouldn't be shocking if he reaches or even crosses the $55 million-per-year mark.

Lawrence is determined to win, so he might not be interested in being the highest-paid quarterback but the Jacksonville Jaguars have to be ready to give him a top-market contract either way.

After years of looking for a franchise quarterback, the Jags finally found their guy in Trevor Lawrence. And if he keeps playing the way he did last season, they'll gladly pay him whatever amount he wants, even if that's over $55 million.

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