The Jacksonville Jaguars will see an angry 0-1 Kansas City Chiefs team

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars open up against a division rival in the Indianapolis Colts. Each of the teams is in a very different spot at this point.

If the Jaguars were to drop a game to the Colts who are using a rookie quarterback, it would be a massive letdown.

In order to become a Super Bowl-caliber team, you need to take care of your business against a team like that with no issues.

That isn't to say it will be easy because this is the NFL. They just need to be ahead when the game is over.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the Kansas City Chiefs in their sights.

Because of this, it is hard not to look past this week. The Jaguars play the now defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in week two.

The Chiefs are also the team that eliminated the Jaguars in the playoffs last year. It is the perfect time for some revenge.

The thing is that now the Chiefs are coming into this game with some anger in their bones. They were defeated on their banner-raising opening night by the Detroit Lions.

It was a hard-fought game for four quarters and the Lions finished on top. They stopped Patrick Mahomes from completing a game-winning drive more than once in this game.

The Lions are good and everyone expects them to be good. They finished the season 8-2 last year but fell just short of the playoffs in the end. In a lot of ways, they are like the NFC Jaguars.

Now, the Chiefs have to find a way to bounce back. The Jaguars are hoping that they wait a week to do that because they'd love for the Chiefs to start the season 2-0.

Travis Kelce (knee) didn't suit up for this game and it showed. They are also missing Chris Jones on defense because of some contract issues so that didn't help either. We'll have to wait and see if those things impact this week two matchup.

Yes, it is interesting the Jaguars will be facing a 0-1 Chiefs team. Nobody really saw that coming. However, they still have work to do to become 1-0 themselves.

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